(WTTW News)

When MetroSouth closed down last year, residents worried about the impact on their community. Now, the hospital is set to reopen as an alternate care facility for COVID-19 patients—and many hope it will stay open for good.

Memorial Park in Blue Island (WTTW News)

Amid stay-at-home orders, park leaders are wondering how to help residents while keeping them safe. Thomas Wogan, executive director of the Blue Island Park District, says he’s trying to stay optimistic.

The Blue Island Police Department (WTTW News)

Blue Island Mayor Domingo Vargas said his move last month to have the city’s police force stand down was a matter of public safety—and that he’d do it again if need be.

Former Skinhead Leader Reflects on Personal Transformation

Christian Picciolini was once a neo-Nazi skinhead leader in Chicago. Today he runs an organization called Life After Hate. Jay Shefsky tells the story of Picciolini's remarkable transformation.