From Buckingham Plowtain to CRTL-SALT-DELETE, Finalists Announced in Chicago Snowplow Naming Contest. Time to Cast Your Vote

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Snowprah Windfrey and Micicle Jordan are among the pun-heavy contenders just announced as finalists in Chicago’s second annual Name a Snowplow contest.

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Voting is open through Feb. 2 on the Department of Streets and Sanitation’s website. 

Chicagoans can vote for as many as six names. Once the votes are tallied, the top six finishers will be assigned to a snowplow in each of the city’s six snow districts. (In 2023, a near-tie resulted in seven winning names.)

This year’s finalists draw heavily from riffs on iconic figures in sports, politics and culture including Ernie Snowbanks, Buddy Guy-cicle, Jesse Whiteout and Mies van der Snow.

Plenty of inspiration was also taken from the movies and TV including The Unslushables, Better Call Salt and Ferris Bueller’s Scrape Off to name a few.

Landmarks are represented by Plowed Gate, Buckingham Plowtain and the Arctic Institute of Chicago, while history buffs will appreciate Casimir Plowaski. 

Coming out of left field, and perhaps the cleverest of the bunch: CRTL-SALT-DELETE. 

The complete list of finalists and voting ballot are available online.

Residents who submitted the winning names (earliest time stamp when there are multiple submissions) will be offered a photo opportunity with the named snowplow, according to Streets and San.

As a reminder, here are the names chosen in 2023:

— Mrs. O’Leary’s Plow
— Da Plow
— Salter Payton
— Sears Plower
— Sleet Home Chicago
— Holy Plow!
— Jean Baptiste Point du Shovel

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