Two More R. Kelly Accusers Testify About Alleged Abuse at Hands of R&B Singer

In this Sept. 17, 2019, file photo, R. Kelly appears during a hearing at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse in Chicago. (Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune via AP, Pool, File)In this Sept. 17, 2019, file photo, R. Kelly appears during a hearing at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse in Chicago. (Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune via AP, Pool, File)

A second alleged victim who claimed R. Kelly sexually abused her dozens of times while she was a minor in the 1990s, told jurors Monday that she lied during an investigation into the R&B superstar’s past child pornography allegations to conceal her own involvement with him.

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“Pauline,” a 37-year-old woman testifying under a pseudonym, told jurors that Kelly sexually abused her dozens or possibly hundreds of times while she was a minor, but she failed to disclose that to a Cook County grand jury before Kelly went to trial in state court in 2008.

“I’m in a different place in life,” she said, when asked why she agreed to testify in this case.

"Pauline" and another woman, “Tracy,” each testified Monday that Kelly sexually abused them when they were minors.

Kelly was charged in 2019 on allegations that he sexually abused multiple minor girls and recorded some of those acts on video. Two of his former employees, Derrel McDavid and Milton Brown, are also charged with conspiring to conceal evidence to obstruct law enforcement.

“Pauline” is the second accuser to testify about Kelly’s alleged illicit sexual activity. She told jurors she met Kelly in the 1990s when she was 14 years old through “Jane,” her best friend who previously testified that she was the girl who appeared in multiple sex tapes with Kelly while she was underage.

“Pauline” said her sexual activity with Kelly began when she too was 14, after she walked in on Kelly and a naked “Jane” at a room in Kelly’s home. According to her testimony, Kelly claimed he was checking “Jane” for bruises, but eventually instructed the two girls to begin kissing.

“Pauline” said this activity continued and eventually turned into sexual intercourse when she was 15 years old. Asked to estimate how many times Kelly sexually abused her while she was a minor, “Pauline” first said “over 80 times,” but later stated the number could be much higher. Many of those incidents involved both “Pauline” and “Jane” with Kelly, she said.

On the witness stand, she described Kelly as someone akin to a “best friend meets boyfriend meets dad,” and said that she and Kelly were in love.

“Pauline” was eventually approached by investigators in Chicago in the early 2000s and subpoenaed to testify about her involvement with Kelly in 2002. While she identified a picture of “Jane,” she did not disclose at the time that she too had been sexually abused by Kelly.

During a contentious cross examination, Kelly’s attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, noted that “Pauline” didn’t tell anyone about these allegations until 2019. Bonjean also accused “Pauline” of attempting to extort Kelly out of $35,000 by threatening to go public about “an incident.”

“Pauline” said she never actually wanted money from Kelly, but instead wanted to get his attention because he wasn’t returning her calls.

“He called it extortion,” she said, “I called it ‘Don’t play with me.’”

According to Bonjean, “Pauline” had also previously disclosed that she believed Kelly owed her somewhere in the neighborhood of $200,000 because she briefly worked as a party planner and had organized events for Kelly.

“Pauline” said that while she may have once felt that way, she no longer did.

“I have no ill will (toward him),” she said.

“Pauline” also testified that she once took a videotape from a bag in Kelly’s possession. She said she never watched that tape and eventually returned it to Kelly because “he was real mad.” But Bonjean noted that “Pauline” had attempted to extort Kelly for $50,000 to return that tape.

On Monday afternoon, “Tracy” took the witness stand and said she met Kelly in 1999 while she was 16 years old and working as an intern at Epic Records. She testified Kelly invited her to his Chicago studio, where they had their first sexual contact.

“He was really apologetic when he saw that I was a little upset,” she said. “He said he was really sorry and didn’t mean to upset me and he’d never done anything like that before.”

A week or so later, he invited her to a hotel room where he allegedly abused her a second time. “Tracy” also said Kelly later recorded a sexual encounter involving both of them with “Jane” inside a room at his Chicago studio.

“Tracy” testified her relationship with Kelly ended when she was 18 years old. The following year, she filed a civil suit against him, which was settled out of court. She testified she was set to receive $250,000, but she didn’t get that full amount.

Bonjean brought up that lawsuit, questioning “Tracy” about her own civil complaint, which stated that she didn’t meet Kelly until the spring of 2000 — a year after she testified that they met — when she would have been 17 years old. “Tracy” disputed that, claiming her own civil attorney or someone in her office must have changed those dates and that she didn’t read the full complaint before she signed it.

“What would be your attorney’s incentive to change that?” an incredulous Bonjean asked.

“I do not know,” “Tracy” replied.

Kelly’s trial entered its third week Monday and prosecutors may wrap up their case early this week. The entire trial was expected to last a month.

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