Chicago’s Jam Productions Marks a Milestone – 50 Years in the Concert Business

Their first concert was the band War at a club called Alice’s Revisited in Lincoln Park.

Now 50 years later, concerts have taken Chicago’s Jam Productions to all 50 states with performances by the Rolling Stones, Queen, Bob Marley, Prince and the Grateful Dead, among many others.

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Here’s a list of some of notable “firsts” from Chicago’s Jam Productions: 

First show: War at Alice’s Revisited on March 10, 1972

First sold-out show: Savoy Brown, Fleetwood Mac and Long John Baldry at the Saint Paul Auditorium on March 19, 1972

First show at the Auditorium Theatre: Dave Mason on May 26, 1972

First show at the Aragon Ballroom: Lee Michaels on June 14, 1973

First show with The Grateful Dead: McGaw Hall in Evanston on Nov. 11, 1973

First show with Jackson Browne: with Linda Ronstadt at the Arie Crown Theater on March 8, 1974

First show with Eagles: Aragon Ballroom on April 26, 1974  

Fist show with Queen: Aragon Ballroom on March 8, 1975  

First show at the Riviera Theatre: Supertramp on April 20, 1075

First show at the Uptown Theater: The Tubes on Oct. 31, 1975

First show with Bruce Springsteen: MSU Auditorium in Lansing, Michigan on April 4, 1976

First show at Comiskey Park: Aerosmith, Jeff Beck and Ted Nugent on July 10, 1976

First show with the Ramones: B’Ginnings on June 21, 1977

First show at Soldier Field: Chicago on Sept. 24, 1977

First show with Prince: Opening for Rick James at the Uptown Theatre on Feb. 28, 1980

First show with U2: Park West on April 12, 1981

First show with Nirvana: Metro on Oct. 12, 1991

First show with Green Day: Opening for Bad Religion at the Riviera Theatre on Oct. 9, 1993

First show with Adele: Martyrs’ on May 31, 2008

First show with Lady Gaga: Elliot Hall of Music at Purdue University on Jan. 26, 2010

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