Crain’s Headlines: Potential Safety Hazard Another Embarrassment for Boeing

Boeing is inspecting more than 400 stored 737 Max jets after discovering tools, rags and other debris left in the fuel tanks of newly built planes.

Bloomberg reports that the checks aren’t likely to create a new delay for the Max, which could be cleared to fly by midyear.

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Chicago-based Boeing has been working with regulators to recertify the 737 Max and end a grounding that began almost a year ago, after two fatal accidents.

The potential safety hazard is another embarrassment for the company, as its new leaders work to reassure airlines, crew members and passengers.

In other Chicago-area business news:

Following disappointing fourth-quarter results, Groupon’s stock was down about 37% shortly after the market opened Wednesday.

The company badly missed revenue targets, reporting sales of $612 million, $93 million less than expected.

Now CEO Rich Williams says Groupon is dumping its Goods e-commerce merchandise business to focus on the local experiences market, which continues to migrate online.

The Goods business, which launched in 2012, offered discount mattresses, electronics and more.

Finally, Deerfield-based Mondelez is teaming up with streetwear brand Supreme to launch a double-stuffed red Oreo.

Known for its high prices and collaborations, Supreme unveiled the cookie among its spring-summer line this week.

Three-packs of the new Oreos, complete with the Supreme logo, will be sold for $8 each.

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