Crain’s Headlines: Bill Daley Leaves Bank of New York Mellon

Bill Daley has left Bank of New York Mellon after less than six months as vice chairman. He started there following his loss in Chicago’s mayoral election earlier this year.

A bank spokeswoman says Daley’s exit was expected since he was recruited by CEO Charlie Scharf, who recently left to lead Wells Fargo. The pair previously worked together in Chicago at JPMorgan Chase.

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In other Chicago business news:

Boeing’s commercial airplanes division has a new leader. Stan Deal, who has been with the company for more than three decades, replaces Kevin McAllister as president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

McAllister became head of the commercial jet unit in 2016, five years after Boeing started building the 737 Max.

The company has been struggling to deal with the fallout from two 737 Max crashes that killed 346 passengers.

Finally, a Chicago-based health care strategy firm has secured $22 million in new funding.

Avia, which aims to digitally transform health care, offers consulting services and connects large hospitals with tech companies to drive innovative solutions. It currently has more than 50 health system members, including Northwestern and Rush.

With the new funding, Avia will extend its network to include children’s hospitals and insurance companies. It has raised more than $50 million to date.

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