Tickets on Sale Next Week for Museum Bringing Kusama ‘Infinity Room’ to Chicago

Tickets are set to go on sale next week for a still-mysterious pop-up museum that will host an installation by renowned Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. The pop-up, which calls itself the wndr museum, is scheduled to open in August and offer Chicago art aficionados and selfie enthusiasts a chance to see one of Kusama’s reality-bending “infinity rooms.”

The piece, titled “Infinity Mirrored Room: Let’s Survive Forever,” welcomed a reported 75,000 guests when it debuted in November 2017 at the David Zwirner Gallery in New York City, according to artnet news. Kusama’s visually stunning work’s been exhibited worldwide, including a retrospective show featuring six of the mirrored rooms that’s currently on a six-city North American tour. (It’s in Cleveland through Sept. 30 if you feel like taking a road trip.)

The wndr museum promises a first-ever chance to see Kusama’s work in Chicago. “Let’s Survive Forever,” which the museum says is on loan from a private collector, will undoubtedly stand as a centerpiece. It won’t stand alone, though – the museum’s fact sheet alludes to an experience akin to an Andy Warhol/Albert Einstein collaboration that explores art, science and the natural world.

Kusama’s career spans 65 years, but more recently the infinity rooms have become a favorite of the Instagram set, for obvious reasons: the dreamlike, reality-bending creations make for one hell of a photo. But even if you keep your smartphone sheathed, stepping into the room is still likely to create a sense of wonder – or, perhaps we should say, wndr.

The museum’s title may be playful, but details about the pop-up are being closely guarded. The location hasn’t yet been released, nor has an exact on-sale date for tickets or details on how long the museum will stay open. Interested parties can sign up for email alerts and follow the museum’s Instagram account, which has hosted its public announcements thus far and in recent days has featured photos of the lucky few who’ve gotten an early peek at the infinity room that’s arrived here in Chicago.

Count us among the lucky few, too, and check out the video we shot.

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