Cubs vs. Nationals Game 4 Postponed Until Wednesday

A lot of disappointed fans fled the scene as soon as the downpour started at around 5:15 p.m.

Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer mentioned Tuesday morning that the team would have liked to move the game up to 1 p.m. There were reports that cable channel TBS nixed the idea, but TBS denied those reports and said that moving the game was never discussed.

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The game will be rescheduled for 3:08 p.m. Wednesday, and tickets from Tuesday’s game will be honored. A lot of people have started to put them on the resale sites like StubHub, with prices currently as low as $50.

The postponement may affect the planning and calculation for each team. It was initially thought that the Nationals would start one of their aces, Stephen Strasburg, instead of the man who was supposed to have gone Tuesday, Tanner Roark. But Nats manager Dusty Baker revealed a little earlier Tuesday evening that Roark indeed will start Wednesday due to an illness with Strasburg.

I asked veteran sports reported Bruce Levine who he thought had the advantage due to the postponement, and he initial thought Strasburg would be the Nats starter too.

“It gives a leg up to Washington,” Levine said. “They’re going to be in a great spot because their Game 1 pitcher Stephen Strasburg is going to be on his regular rest and there’s no chance they won’t pitch their best pitcher right now. I mean, [Max] Scherzer has been their best pitcher. Strasburg was the guy at the end of the year after Scherzer got hurt. So this is advantage Washington if this game is rained out.”

As for the fans, some were disappointed, but they were largely still in good spirits due to the way the Cubs have been playing lately.

“We’re just bummed!” said fan Patti Pagni. “We had our hot dog though. We had our beer, half a bag of nuts. So we’re in good shape and we’ll come back tomorrow where they’ll be no rain, right?”

“I think it’s terrible,” said Cubs fan Tim Leahy. “They knew what was going on, they just opened up for a couple hours to sell me a couple beers while no rain was coming down and now they tell us the game is over and all the rain’s coming down and I’ll get wet going to my car.”

Cubs fan Tim Leahy reacts to Tuesday’s postponement.Cubs fan Tim Leahy reacts to Tuesday’s postponement.

Security was once again right around the ballpark. There were mounted officers, as well as plain clothes police officers. A bunch of salt trucks blocked off Clark and Addison to car traffic for about a four-block radius until about 6 p.m.

They will all do it again Wednesday. The Cubs have a chance to clinch the series, but if they don’t, it’s back to D.C. for Game 5 on Thursday.

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