Shoe Repair Dynasty: A Dozen Cobblers Across 3 Generations

There are some well-known Chicago family dynasties: the Daleys, the Pritzkers and the Madigans, to name a few.

We’re bringing you the story of a lesser-known Chicago dynasty: three generations of cobblers, with shoe repair shops all over the area.  

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Fix Your Kicks is in the Lincoln Square neighborhood, on Western Avenue, just south of Wilson Avenue. Joshua’s father recently opened up another location on Western Avenue.

Below, locations of all the Marin Family shoe repair shops:

Fix Your Kicks, 4542 N. Western Ave.
Fix Your Kicks, 2107 N. Western Ave.
Sam’s Shoe Repair, 1964 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Global Leather Shoe Repair, 211 W. Wacker Drive
Millennium Shoe and Leather, 318 W. Adams St.
Mike’s Shoe Repair, 2905 Central St., Evanston
Central Shoe Repair, 1917 Central St., Evanston

Note: This story originally aired on "Chicago Tonight" on Jan. 4.

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