Strawberry Moon Caps off Summer Solstice on Monday

(Jérôme Salez / Wikimedia Commons)

Monday marks a rare celestial event: For the first time in decades, the full moon falls on the summer solstice.

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Anyone living in the Northern Hemisphere will get about 17 hours of daylight as the sun reaches its northernmost point in the Northern Hemisphere, traveling its lengthiest path of the year through the sky.

According to National Geographic, the last time a full moon took place during the summer solstice was on June 21, 1948. On June 22, 1967, the full moon and solstice were separated by a few hours in some time zones.

If you miss the full moon Monday, you’ll have to wait almost half a century for the next time it falls on the solstice: June 21, 2062.

Despite its name, Monday's full moon will not appear reddish in color. The term strawberry moon comes from what the Algonquin tribes in North America considered the start of strawberry-picking season. However, a total lunar eclipse can result in a moon that appears red- or brown-hued, like the harvest supermoon eclipse last September.

Monday's moonrise is set for 8:33 p.m.

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