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Monday, August 06, 2007

State Budget Impasse
Governor Blagojevich and Dan Hynes disagree whether paychecks will be sent out if no budget is in place by Wednesday. Rich Samuels tells us why the governor and state comptroller are at odds. Then Carol Marin and her panel assess the odds of the governor and legislators reaching a budget compromise before a government shutdown. Guests: Jim Tobin, Laurence Msall, Ralph Martire

Kos Convention
The influence of political blogs has become so strong that all but one of the Democratic presidential candidates showed up for the Kos Convention. That's the second annual gathering of those who write and read the progressive blog, the Daily Kos. Elizabeth Brackett reports.

New Recycling Program
Chicago is phasing out the controversial "blue bag" program. We'll look at the roll-out of a new blue recycling cart pilot program. Guests: Ald. Manuel Flores, Julie Dick

  • Chicago Recycling Coalition
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  • Chicago's 1st Ward -
  • City of Chicago's Blue Cart Program

    Critic for a Day
    Matt Damon is back as the globe-trotting, death-defying, rooftop-leaping rogue CIA agent Jason Bourne. We'll have a review of the movie "The Bourne Ultimatum," with our critic for a day, the city's former fire commissioner and chief emergency officer, Cortez Trotter.

    Viewer Mail
    We'll open the viewer mail bag to get your response to some of our recent stories.