Tuesday, May 15, 2007

News Analysis with Elizabeth Brackett
A fatal gang shooting on a CTA bus claimed the life of 16-year-old honor student Blair Holt last week. Elizabeth Brackett and her panel take a closer look at the epidemic of inner city violence. Guests: Alysia Tate, Dr. Gary Slutkin, Dr. Carl Bell

Chicago Matters
Are immigrant workers taking the jobs that Americans don't want? Or are they taking away jobs from U.S.-born laborers? In our ongoing Chicago Matters series on immigration, Eddie Arruza takes a look at the unskilled work force in the Chicago area and at who's getting the jobs.

The Chicago River
The Chicago River is the star of a new photography book. It narrates of the history and dramatic revival of this once industrial waterway. Author Jonathan Genzen joins us in the studio.

Clean Coal
Will new "clean coal" technologies bring back Illinois' mining industry and keep environmentalists happy? Rich Samuels tackles that question.

Director Frank Galati
Hedy Weiss subjects legendary Chicago director Frank Galati to a little psychoanalysis about his latest production Oedipus Complex.

Debra Pickett