On Wednesday night, the remaining four GOP presidential hopefuls had their 20th debate. Did Rick Santorum solidify his surge or did Mitt Romney seize much-needed momentum? Northwestern's Jason DeSanto is here to help us keep score.

The race for the Republican presidential nomination moves ahead as Mitt Romney takes the important Florida primary. What fueled Romney's comeback and what's next in this election season?

The race for the republican presidential nomination moves to Florida after Newt Gingrich's huge weekend victory in South Carolina. We talk with Illinois representatives of the various campaigns.

Mitt Romney

And they're off. After the first hurdle, it's Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum neck and neck. Carol Marin talks with Illinois delegates for the top four candidates in Tuesday's Iowa caucuses about what's next for the campaign.

Carol Marin

It's the final countdown for GOP presidential hopefuls in Iowa. Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum lead the pack. Who is likely to win? And whose presidential dreams are over? We talk with Carol Marin who joins us live from Des Moines, Iowa.