May Berenbaum and Barack Obama

National Medal of Science recipient May Berenbaum is an expert in the interaction of insects with plants, the founder of an annual insect-themed film festival, and the namesake of an X-Files character and new species of cockroach. She joins us on Chicago Tonight.

Wish you could get decision-making down to a science? University of Illinois professor Ali Abbas is a leader in the decision analysis field and has created a social website that breaks down theory and practice for its users to make quality life choices. He joins us. Read an interview.

After revelations that the NSA has been secretly collecting metadata on the phone calls of millions of Americans, we speak with one of the members of President Obama's review group charged with advising him on possible reforms: University of Chicago law professor Geoffrey Stone. Read The Guardian's NSA Files: Decoded.

Adam Grant, the youngest ever tenured professor at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business and author of Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success, joins us to talk about his radical approach to succeeding in business.

Davis Schneiderman

Copy from your friends? Don't read your notes? Sounds like ways to get kicked out of college, not the keys to success, right? Wrong. We hear from a local college professor who shares these and other unconventional tips for incoming college freshmen.