Claudia Sheinbaum made history as the first woman to be elected president of Mexico. (WTTW News)

Claudia Sheinbaum made history earlier this month by becoming the first woman and first Jewish person elected president in Mexico. Her net is so wide-reaching that it drove thousands of Mexican nationals living outside of their home country to stand in line for hours waiting for their opportunity to cast a vote.

(Courtesy of Arise Chicago)

Beginning in 2021, workers at the El Milagro tortilla factories went public with their complaints about working conditions and labor violations, including charges of intimidation, harassment and retaliation.

(U.S. Department of Homeland Security)

The new policy allows undocumented workers to make complaints about labor violations and to participate in investigations without fear of immigration-related retaliation.

Workers, community members, and labor organization Arise Chicago rally at the 26th Street headquarters, Sept. 30, 2021. (WTTW News).

Worker walkouts amid calls for improved conditions continue at the El Milagro tortilla plant in Little Village. We get an update on the situation from Jorge Mújica, a strategic organizer for the community labor advocate organization Arise Chicago.

A group of workers with tortilla maker El Milagro march across 26th Street to protest working conditions on Thursday, Sept. 23, 2021. (WTTW News)

Workers are back on the job after last week’s walkout. We hear about their working conditions and the latest on their organizing efforts.