It's the weekend for love, but Valentine's Day can leave some feeling awfully lonely. A University of Chicago neuroscientist joins “Chicago Tonight” to discuss the science of loneliness and its potential health hazards.   

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis is back at work and talking to Chicago Tonight about her recovery, the mayoral race, and the controversial PARCC testing.

The Centers for Disease Control says there may be as many as 48 million cases of foodborne illnesses every year in the United States, costing the economy more than $150 billion and resulting in around 3,000 deaths. We talk with two food safety experts about the impact new technologies are having in keeping our food safe. Read an article.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

Multiple news outlets are reporting that Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is being treated for a "mood disorder." This, after NBC News reported that he is being treated for alcoholism, a claim his office denies. We have reaction.