Yvonne Welbon, founder and CEO of Sisters in Cinema, has been documenting the history of Black women filmmakers for decades. Sisters in Cinema has grown from an online database to the Sisters in Cinema Media Arts Center, 2310 E. 75th St. (Blair Paddock / WTTW News)

A nonprofit celebrating the work of Black women and gender-nonconforming media makers opened its doors Friday. The Sisters in Cinema Media Arts Center, 2310 E. 75th St., will offer screenings and workshops to the community.

Jeremy Geltzer

Jeremy Geltzer's new book "Dirty Words and Filthy Pictures" explores the film industry's relationship with the First Amendment and how the definition of obscenity has changed over the years.

Meet the filmmaker behind The Empowerment Project: Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things, a documentary about inspiring women. We also see the group of women involved with the film, their journey to make the movie. Watch The Empowerment Project trailer.