Judy Baar Topinka joins Phil Ponce in an episode of Chicago Sunday from June 5, 2005 to talk about the new state budget… and complains that it doesn’t make the proper pension payments.

Legendary film and stage director Mike Nichols died at age 83. Nichols is remembered for being among the pioneering forces in the early days of our sister station, WFMT.

Chicago lost a versatile and talented artist when Ralph Childs died last week at age 62. We spoke with Ralph on the Artbeat Chicago show back in January 2005. Mark Ruffin was our correspondent at the time, and he caught up with Ralph Childs at an art exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. Watch the web extra video from our archives.

As a longtime congressman, Jesse Jackson Jr. was a regular guest on Chicago Tonight. Watch web extra videos of Jackson Jr. that illustrate the kind of political gravitas he had before this scandal erupted last year.