Stories by Rhyan Zuercher

Cholesterol Treatment Changes After 4-Year Review

New guidelines were released Tuesday that will alter how doctors treat patients at risk for stroke and heart disease. 

Trans Fat Phaseout

The FDA proposed a ban Thursday of partially hydrogenated oils that create the byproduct trans fat. Large restaurant chains and manufacturers have been limiting the trans fat content in their products for years, but some question whether a ban is the most effective approach to preventing heart disease. Read an interview.

Vacant Churches

An increasing number of old churches are for sale in Chicago, but what should buyers do with them? We tell you about the debate over reuse versus demolition. View a slideshow.

Native American Sports Mascots

Native American images and mascots have long been used by college and professional teams. But there's a growing push to do away with a practice some find racist. Should the Blackhawks change their name? We discuss the issue.


Bill Ayers

Activist Bill Ayers joins us to talk about his new book, Public Enemy: Confessions of an American Dissident. Read an excerpt, and watch a web extra video.

Sir Gilbert Levine

Sir Gilbert Levine came to be known as the "Pope's Maestro" through his relationship with Pope John Paul II, spanning 17 years. He worked closely with the pope to conduct historic concerts around the globe in an effort to bring people of all faith's together, and is known in Chicago for bringing together the Lyric Opera Orchestra and the Chicago Symphony Chorus in their first combined performance in 2012. He  joins us for a conversation.

Chicago Leaders Combat Gun Violence

A House Bill regarding stronger punishment for unlawful gun offenses is up for debate in the fall veto session, with Mayor Rahm Emanuel in support. We talk with Ald. Will Burns (4th) and Ald. Willie Cochran (20th) about how to combat gun violence in Chicago, and across the state. Read an article.

Latest Fall Veto Session News

We discuss fall veto session activity, and whether the Illinois General Assembly will tackle the nearly $100 billion shortfall in pension systems currently facing the state. Gun control and same-sex marriage are also up for debate.

Rep. Quigley on ACA, Debt Deal & More

Illinois Rep. Mike Quigley joins us to talk about the Affordable Care Act, government shutdown fallout, a federal spending deal, and the future of bipartisan cooperation in the House of Representatives.

The Future of America’s Retirement Security

The president and CEO of the mutual fund association, Investment Company Institute (ICI), talks with us about retirement savings and how to plan for the future. View graphics of his research.