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Aug. 4, 2022 - Full Show

We’re live from Avalon Park. Monkeypox is now a national health emergency. Kids get hands-on environmental training in the Cook County Forest Preserve. And why certain communities get hit harder with viruses like COVID-19.

Aug. 3, 2022 - Full Show

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The alleged Highland Park shooter pleads not guilty. The president of the CTA is here to address issues of safety and service across the system. Why police are stopping more Black drivers during traffic stops, and more.

Aug. 2, 2022 - Full Show

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Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx is facing a deluge of criticism. How some tenants are responding to rapidly rising rents. The governor declares monkeypox a state health emergency. And a local artist re-envisions famous disasters.

Aug. 1, 2022 - Full Show

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The future of Lollapalooza after the music festival rocked Grant Park this weekend. More controversy for a northwest suburban bakery that wanted to host a drag show. And Art on the Mart celebrates Bud Billiken.

Crain’s Headlines: State Farm Hits Illinois Drivers With Price Hike

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State Farm hits Illinois auto customers with yet another price hike. Suburban apartments are seeing some major investment gains. And a look at what’s on the road ahead for electric truck maker Rivian.

Chicago Tonight: Black Voices, July 30, 2022- Full Show

A grassroots movement fighting homelessness in Chicago. A public art initiative aims to inspire climate action. And kids exploring opportunities in the performing arts. 

Chicago Tonight: Latino Voices, July 30, 2022- Full Show

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How pharmacies can go beyond just prescriptions. Plus, Minnie Miñoso is now a Hall of Famer, hear from one of his kids about the ceremony. And meet a woman using her bike to claim space. 

The Week in Review: Pritzker-Backed Hernandez Ousts Kelly as State Party Chair

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Mayor Lightfoot lures the Bears with a Soldier Field dome proposal. Google to take over the Thompson Center. Illinois Democrats feud with one another. And Lollapalooza is here this weekend and beyond.

July 28, 2022 - Full Show

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The mayor says city won’t cooperate in out-of-state abortion probes. What’s causing the myriad of issues on the CTA? Inside the latest economic numbers. And we’re live at Lollapalooza and in Waukegan.

July 27, 2022 - Full Show

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The deal to make the Thompson Center Google’s new home. A rift in the Illinois Democratic party threatens the pitch to host the DNC. Will the Russians pull out of the International Space Station?  

July 26, 2022 - Full Show

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Why many alderpeople are calling it quits. Inside the proposal for a domed Soldier Field. Indiana lawmakers take up abortion. And previewing a big concert from the Soul Children of Chicago.

As Election Season Looms in Chicago, List of Alderpeople Not Running for Re-election Grows

Chicago City Hall. (Michael Izquierdo / WTTW News)

A growing list of alderpeople have announced they will not be running for re-election in 2023, or have already resigned from the City Council. We hear from four of them. 

July 25, 2022 - Full Show

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The mayor unveils her Hail Mary plan to keep the Bears at Soldier Field. The owner of a bakery vandalized with hate speech. A Chicagoan on his painful bout with monkeypox.  And inside the new musical based on a cult sci-fi comedy.

Crain’s Headlines: Marijuana Business Venture Fizzles

A cannabis cultivation facility. (WTTW News)

A new business venture from a co-founder of a Chicago weed giant fizzles. The company that gave up the Water Tower Place is now selling it’s big property across the street. And there’s some good news for landlords trying to fill suburban office spaces.

Chicago Tonight: Black Voices, July 23, 2022 - Full Show

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Checks begin rolling out for Chicago’s guaranteed income pilot program. Plus, how the Nature Conservancy is connecting teens to nature. And honoring White Sox favorite Minnie Miñoso.

Chicago Tonight: Latino Voices, July 23, 2022 - Full Show

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Scammers are targeting Highland Park’s Latino residents, what to lookout for. Plus, how to stay safe while working in extreme heat. And resources you might not expect from your local library.

July 21, 2022 - Full Show

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Analysis of the Jan. 6 committee’s final, scheduled hearing in primetime. Plus, artist Taylor Bennett has a concert and new album, all about self-love. 

July 20, 2022 - Full Show

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Speed cameras and ethics reform at City Council. Gun control on Capitol Hill. Our Spotlight Politics on that and more. Backlash over music fests in neighborhood parks. And a stunning fossil discovery.

July 19, 2022 - Full Show

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Members of Congress ahead of the final Jan. 6 hearing. Mental health, as a fourth Chicago police officer dies by suicide. And the city’s new plan for transformation and the impact of segregation.

July 18, 2022 - Full Show

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Doctors in Wisconsin are teaming up with Illinois abortion care providers. Previewing this week’s final Jan. 6 hearing. A labor dispute brewing for Starbucks employees. And checking in on the city’s tourism industry.

Crain’s Headlines: Ricketts Family Member Takes on Google

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A Ricketts family member takes on Google with a new search engine. New developments in Potbelly’s tortured history with a federal loan program.  And the Loop’s shopping district loses another big-name store in Old Navy.

Chicago Tonight: Latino Voices, July 16, 2022- Full Show

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A Highland Park city council member shares his story from the July 4 mass shooting. Plus, Latino startups get funding from Google. And recognizing South Chicago with marble and wood.

July 14, 2022 - Full Show

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One-on-one with U.S. Sen. Tammy Duckworth on the Wrigley Field lawsuit and more. Economic recovery in the Pullman neighborhood. And the history of state's rights amid recent Supreme Court decisions.

July 13, 2022 - Full Show

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A live report from the Highland Park vigil honoring the victims of last week's mass shooting. Plus, record high inflation. An increase in domestic violence. And "Native Truths" at the Field Museum. 

July 12, 2022 - Full Show

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Gun safety, the Jan. 6 hearings, and whether Congress will address abortion federally with members of the Illinois delegation. Trouble at DCFS. The latest COVID variant. And a psychedelic soul band.

July 11, 2022 - Full Show

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Illinois officials head to Washington as the president signs gun safety legislation a week after the Highland Park tragedy. Maternal mortality is on the rise. And the artist behind Netflix’s “Grace and Frankie” series.