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Star Witness Takes the Stand in ComEd Trial, Testifies About Efforts to Influence Michael Madigan

ComEd’s lobbying team got the go-ahead in 2018 to kill the Illinois attorney general’s proposal to give low-income consumers a break on their electric bills with the blessing of her father, Speaker of the Illinois House Michael Madigan, according to a witness. 

Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias speaks at a news conference March 23, 2023. His office announced $21 million in grants for law enforcement to target carjackings and auto thefts. (WTTW News)

Illinois Secretary of State Awards $21M to Target Carjackings, Vehicle Thefts

The $21 million in grants will be funded through a dollar assessment charged annually on Illinois auto insurance policies.

Former President Donald Trump. File photo. (WTTW News)

Will Trump Be Arrested? A Look at the Accusations Facing the Former President

Former President Donald Trump’s prediction that he would be arrested Tuesday didn’t bear out, but he still faces the prospect of indictment. That’s now in the hands of a New York grand jury.

Southland Chamber of Commerce Chair Bonita Parker speaks at a March 20, 2023, news conference. (WTTW News)

South Suburban Officials, State Lawmakers Renew Calls for Peotone Airport

Local officials in the south suburbs are renewing efforts to get a regional airport to take flight. The idea for a third Chicago area airport has been floated for decades, and not lightly — Illinois has spent close to $100 million to buy land

The Illinois Supreme Court heard arguments about the SAFE-T Act on March 14, 2023. (WTTW News)

Illinois Supreme Court Hears Arguments Over Eliminating Cash Bail

The lawsuit over cash bail pits the state’s Democratic governor, attorney general and legislative leaders against roughly half of Illinois’ state’s attorneys, as well as county sheriffs. Both sides can agree on this much: The justices’ decision will have major ramifications on the future of the criminal justice system in Illinois.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker speaks during a bill-signing event on March 13, 2023. (WTTW News)

Pritzker Signs Law Requiring Some Paid Leave for Illinois Workers

Come next year, a new law will mandate nearly all Illinois employers give their workers a minimum of five paid days off, for any reason.

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Police, Jewish Organizations Urge Vigilance as Extremists Call for ‘Day of Hate’

White supremacists and neo-Nazis are trying to make Saturday the “National Day of Hate.” Law enforcement agencies and religious organizations are urging people to be cautious and report any incidents.

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Illinois Gets Credit Rating Upgrade from S&P

Ratings agency S&P on Thursday moved Illinois’ bond rating up a notch, from BBB+ to A- on general obligation bonds. It’s the agency’s third upgrade since the summer of 2021.

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Mendoza, Lightfoot Clash Over Benefits for Chicago Police Officers Disabled by COVID-19

The dispute is over what sort of disability benefits Chicago police officers deserve if they contracted COVID-19 before the vaccine was available.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis appears at an event for law enforcement officers on Feb. 20, 2023, in Elmhurst. (WTTW News)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Appears at ‘Law and Order’ Event in Elmhurst

The Chicago area was DeSantis’ third stop after visiting New York and Philadelphia, so the tour will certainly be cast as part of his early exploration of a White House run.

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Which Guns Are Covered by Illinois’ Assault Weapons Ban?

Guns classified by the state of Illinois as "assault weapons" have been banned since Jan. 11. That means that hundreds — perhaps thousands — of guns can no longer be legally sold in Illinois. Those who already own guns and ammunition covered by the ban can keep them; they must be registered with the state.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker delivers his budget address on Feb. 15, 2023. (Governor's Office Video)

Pritzker Unveils State Budget With Additional Education, Homeless Funding

Speaking before a joint session of the General Assembly, Gov. J.B. Pritzker acknowledged that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been years since he last gave the ceremonial presentation from the Illinois House.

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Pritzker Proposes $75 Million Increase in Preschool Spending as Part of Multi-Year Expansion

An additional 5,000 children will be able to go to preschool next year under a proposal Gov. J.B. Pritzker will introduce Wednesday when he pitches his 2024 fiscal year plan to legislators and the public.

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Pritzker to Outline Vision for Illinois in Budget, State of the State Address

For the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gov. J.B. Pritzker will present from the Illinois House chambers to a joint session of state representatives and senators.

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‘Chicago Tonight’ in Your Neighborhood: ‘Groundhog Day’ Leaves Lasting Legacy in Woodstock

Pennsylvania may have Punxsutawney Phil, but Illinois has its own weather-forecasting rodent: Woodstock Willie, made famous by the movie “Groundhog Day,” which was filmed in Woodstock and released 30 years ago.

Dick Durbin. (WTTW News)

Democrats Renew Push to Ratify Equal Rights Amendment

The concept of the Equal Rights Amendment has been around for a century, but it's getting a renewed push of momentum in light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the federal right to abortion.

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Many Illinois Child Care Providers Still Awaiting Payment from the State

A technical delay is holding up payments to providers who care for children of low-income families that are part of the state’s Child Care Assistance Program, designed to help parents go to work or school with the help of subsidized child care.

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Wealthy Illinois Residents Would Pay More in Income Tax Under New Proposals

No matter how much money a person makes, Illinois residents all pay the same income tax rate. A pair of new proposals could change that by taking aim at the bank accounts of high earners.

File: Gov. J.B. Pritzker speaks to the media on Nov. 9, 2022. (WTTW News)

Pritzker Meets With Political, Business Leaders in Switzerland at World Economic Forum

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker called himself the state’s chief marketing officer during a trip to Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. He couldn’t name any specific projects that have been secured after his Swiss schmoozing but said Illinois’ commitment to 100% clean energy by 2050 is an “important calling card here.”

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Illinois Utilities Seek to Increase Rates Across the State

Utilities companies like ComEd and Peoples Gas make money by delivering energy. The rates they’re seeking to hike are for distribution, including infrastructure like pipes and transmission lines, and the profit they can tack on to those costs.

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Pritzker Signs Law Expanding Access to Abortion, Protecting Out-of-State Patients

The law expands the number of health practitioners who can provide certain types of abortions; requires Illinois public entities to cover abortion, gender-affirming and HIV-prevention drugs as part of health insurance; and establishes legal criteria for ensuring parental autonomy in reproductive technology.

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New Illinois General Assembly Convenes

Illinois’ leadership has shifted, with a fresh group of 177 lawmakers sworn in to office on Wednesday.

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Pritzker Quickly Signs Illinois Assault Weapons Ban Into Law: ‘We Got It Done’

Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed the law Tuesday night , hours after it passed the legislature on the final day of the General Assembly’s session, and roughly six months since the July 4 mass shooting at the Highland Park Independence Day parade.

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From Driver’s Licenses to Police Body Cams, the SAFE-T Act Contains Much More Than Cash Bail Changes

With the Illinois Supreme Court set to hear oral arguments in March, it will likely be months before justices decide the fate of cashless bail in Illinois. But bail transformation is just one of many provisions contained in the SAFE-T Act.

Workers at Howard Brown Health strike on Jan. 4, 2023. (WTTW News)

Employees at Howard Brown Health Continue Strike Over Recent Layoffs; CEO Says Cost Cuts Necessary

Howard Brown Health will next year mark 50 years of serving the health needs of the LBGTQ and HIV-positive communities. Going forward, it will do so minus about 16% of its workforce. 

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Future of Cash Bail to be Determined by Illinois Supreme Court. Here’s What Happens Now

On New Year’s Eve, less than 12 hours before cashless bail was to take effect, Illinois Supreme Court justices put the elimination of cash bail in the state on hold indefinitely.