WTTW Garden Yields Bumper Harvest

It’s been a bountiful season for Chicago’s urban gardeners.

WTTW’s organic garden continues to deliver more fruit and vegetables for the station’s staff – with tomatoes, peppers cucumbers and eggplant all ready to harvest. And that’s despite some interventions from local birdlife with a taste for sweet peas and a rogue chipmunk who went after our tomatoes.

As ever the architect and mastermind of our success has been Jeanne Nolan, The Organic Gardener, who once again mapped out our initial garden plan with input from viewers.

But Nolan reports that while here at WTTW we are ready to harvest, in the suburbs they are a couple of weeks behind growers in Chicago. Find out why as Nolan joins Phil Ponce with an update from the WTTW garden.

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