Richard J. Durbin - D (incumbent)

Richard J. Durbin
“My goals in the Senate are clear: to continue working for affordable, quality health care for all families; to protect our environment and Lake Michigan; to reduce gun violence and to continue to make certain Illinois families and farmers receive their fair share of federal dollars.”

Mark C. Curran Jr. - R

Mark C. Curran Jr.

“Americans have seen an erosion of liberty for many years now. I’m running to defend your liberty.”

Tom Tarter - R

Tom Tarter

“Illinois needs a senator who will support President Trump and represent the values of the citizens of Illinois.”

Casey Chlebek - R

Casey Chlebek

“For the sake of the next generations and to avoid economic disaster, we must curtail our spending, eliminate waste, loopholes and create better economic conditions for our middle class to expand.”

Peggy Hubbard - R

Peggy Hubbard

“I’m Dick Durbin’s and the Washington Elite’s worst nightmare.”

Robert Marshall - R

“I am a Vietnam veteran and the main reason I am running for this office is to oppose all of these wars in the Mideast.”