Candidate for Chicago City Council

Candidate Statement

This year, we will elect a new mayor for our great city, a new alderman for the 47th ward and Illinois will swear in a new governor. But with new leadership comes great challenges.

Our city finances have been crushed by increasing pensions that have been left unfunded by previous administrations. We need a plan to deal with this fiscal emergency.

Our residents are feeling overtaxed and underserved to a point where they feel compelled to move out. We must learn to operate our city government without raising taxes and fees.

Our residents are not receiving the city services they pay for. We need to deliver these services more effectively and efficiently.

Our streets no longer feel safe with crime running rampant from north to south. We must implement solutions that make sense and will work to bring an end to the senseless violence on our streets.

My name is Tom Schwartzers and I believe that Chicago can be better. As a former Chicago Police Officer and now Firefighter on the Chicago Fire Department, I know it can. More importantly, I know what it takes.

It’s going to take someone who is not afraid to make tough decisions while remembering that more taxes and more fees are not the answers.

This year, we have a great responsibility as voters. We must elect new leaders who understand the issues, have real solutions and are ready serve the residents.

It’s time to abandon the political insiders and vote for true leaders. I have the experience, knowledge and passion to bring new opportunity and new hope to both the 47th Ward and Chicago.

I’m Tom Schwartzers and I appreciate your vote.