Candidate for Chicago City Council

About the Candidate

Name: Gus Katsafaros
DOB: Oct. 23, 1973
Family: Single, no kids
Occupation: Restaurateur
Political Experience: None

Candidate Statement

Hi, my name is Gus Katsafaros and I am running for alderman of the 47th ward.

I am the proud owner of Marmalade restaurant on the corner of Montrose & Damen and a strong supporter of area schools and non-profits.

The pillars of my campaign are:

-Quality Schools
-Fighting Crime
-Economic Development
-Lower Taxes
-Affordable housing &
-Keeping the 47th Ward Independent

Strong schools make strong communities. I will make sure that our schools are well funded and provide a safe environment for our children, by keeping TIF funds where they belong instead of squandering them on irresponsible development and incentives for big box stores.

I plan to strengthen the safety of our neighborhoods by working with area commanders to create a proactive police force instead of a reactive one.

I will create an environment that will attract new small business owners, and responsible developers to our ward, who will in turn create commerce and tax revenue.

New businesses and responsible development will bring good paying local jobs to our ward. Jobs that are permanent, jobs that range from the construction to the service industry and of course jobs that pay women equally to men.

I will create a community development council, made up of you the residents and local business owners to analyze new permits and zoning variances, in order to guarantee affordable housing for all of our residents.

I am the only independent candidate in this race. I will serve and represent you the residents of the 47th ward not to political bosses, dark money political action committees or billionaire developers.

I promise you that I will be a hands-on alderman that will be readily available to the residents and business community. Not some absentee landlord who is looking to build a resume in order to expand a political career.

Finally, I humbly ask you my neighbors and longtime customers to vote for me Gus Katsafaros on February 26th to be your independent voice in city hall. Thank you.

Candidate Q&A

What is your vision for this office?

A transparent administration that involves and informs its constituents about current issues that need to be addressed, as well as proposed projects and what impact they may have on our community. I envision a ward that welcomes all, neighborhoods that are affordable, safe, and within great public school districts. A ward that I will make a destination for new independently owned businesses. One that welcomes responsible development that will in turn bring well paying jobs.

What is the most pressing issue facing constituents, and how can you help address it?

I believe the most pressing issue facing our Ward Is real estate taxes. People who have lived in their properties for generations and grew up in the neighborhood are now getting taxed out. I intend on addressing this issue by holding the line on taxes and introducing new revenue sources that do not involve taxing the residents of Chicago. The relentless and blind increase in real estate taxes has also caused a shortage of affordable housing in my ward that I intend to address through responsible, from the ground-up affordable housing development. I intend on forming A Community Development Council made up of Local residents and members of the local business community to analyze future permits and zoning variances, in order to assure a positive impact on our community, and the continued availability of affordable housing.