Candidate for Chicago City Council

About the Candidate

Name: Marvin McNeil
DOB: May 5, 1954
Family: Married, five adult children
Occupation: Retired Zoning Code Inspector for City of Chicago (30 years)
Political Experience: 6th Ward Democratic Committeeman 1998-2002, ran for alderman in 21st Ward in 2015. Lost to incumbent by 300 votes.

Candidate Statement

Hi, my name is Marvin McNeil and I am seeking your support to become Alderman of the 21st Ward.  We have all the makings of a strong vibrant middle class community and yet we are suffering.  Our sidewalks are crumbling.  Or streets are in terrible shape and the only thing worse than the people standing on the corners is the crime and unemployment.

My vision for the 21st Ward will change all this.  With Marvin McNeil you will have an Alderman that is engaged in block clubs and community organizations.  With Marvin McNeil you will have an Alderman that will be working for instead of against area businesses.

With Marvin McNeil you will have an Alderman that will make opportunities available to the chronically unemployed because when people are working they are making things happen instead of asking what’s happening.  With Marvin McNeil you will know what sidewalks are being repaired where they are being repaired and when yours will be repaired.

With Marvin McNeil you will have an honest Alderman that will bring back the pride to the communities Auburn-Gresham, North Beverly, West Chatham, Brainerd Park, and Washington Heights.

Visit my website to view my detailed platform on community policing, community employment and neighborhood infrastructure improvements.

That website is Subscribe to my newsletter by sending a request to [email protected].  I am Marvin McNeil and I am the real deal.

Candidate Q&A

What is your vision for this office?

To make the 21st Ward better than it is now.

What is the most pressing issue facing constituents, and how can you help address it?

The biggest issue in the 21st Ward is infrastructure.  With the size of the ward being what it is, the $1.3 Million each ward is given annually would never allow the 21st ward to fix all the broken infrastructure.

My vision is to have the city to take over all infrastructure repairs in the city.  Alderman are not qualified to determine which streets should be resurfaced.  They do not coordinate their activity with the Department of Transportation so one year they resurface a street the next year the DOT tears it up.

The Aldermanic Menu should be eliminated.