Meet Two Local Acts Making Their Lollapalooza Debuts

Grant Park is gearing up for Lollapalooza, the annual celebration of music featuring artists from across the globe.

A few local acts will be taking the stage for the first time.

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From Wicker Park Fest to the Taste of Chicago, five Midwestern men, better known as Friday Pilots Club, have toured some of the city’s most popular festivals. The alt rock band is preparing for its biggest one to date, Lollapalooza.

It’s a debut guitarist Drew Polovick said he knew would happen.

“I always have believed in this group of guys,” Polovick said. “I feel really lucky, and we’re such a hardworking group of people, and I feel like we’ve always known since the second the five of us stepped into a rehearsal space together — we knew what we had together was truly magical.”

A few stages over at the Chicago Made stage, local artists will showcase their talent, including Afro soul artist Nola Adé.

Despite obtaining her law degree and later passing the bar, Adé said it was always in her plans to pursue more than one career.

“There wasn’t an a-ha moment,” Adé said. “It was like I planned this. My parents really wanted me to go to school and really wanted me to finish. Let me just start there. … I never stopped doing music, I never stopped recording.”

After releasing her second EP this year, Adé said she hopes her music gives people a sense of healing.

Lollapalooza kicks off Thursday in Grant Park and runs through Sunday.

You can catch Friday Pilots Club on Saturday and Adé on Sunday.

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