Hip-Hop Vocalist Jovan Landry Talks Importance of Representation at Wicker Park Fest

Wicker Park Fest is celebrating 19 years with more than 60 bands across three stages. The annual event will showcase the talents of both marquee performers and local artists looking to get their names out there.

One of those artists is hip-hop vocalist Jovan Landry.

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“My day-to-day self is chill, laid back, fun, but on stage, I unleash,” Landry said. “When I’m rapping, once the music starts and I’m right there, it’s like there’s no turning back.”

Landry describes herself as a hip-hop vocalist, resonating with influences from the likes of Busta Rhymes, TLC and Missy Elliott.

“What I want to channel on stage is to show that I’m a strong woman, but also not allowing what you see to be like, ‘This is what she is,’” Landry said. “There’s no filter or limitations.”

“I’d describe my sound as an intellectual frequency, just like my project,” Landry continued. “Lyrical. Thought-provoking. But also a vibe.”

That vibe is hitting the Wicker Park Fest stage for the first time since her 2019 debut.

John Ugolini is the talent booker for Wicker Park Fest and local music venue Subterranean. He said festivals like these give local artists an opportunity to break into the music industry.

“It’s important to have an outlet for artists to play a festival before they play Lolla one day,” Ugolini said. “Artists need outlets, and we’re honored to provide it.”

“Bringing hip-hop into this space looking like me brings representation,” Landry said. “You come to a fest not expecting that or not liking hip-hop. With me being here will introduce people into hip-hop. People will love it regardless, because it’s new and refreshing and can allow for more artists like me to come to play at Wicker Park Fest.”

Wicker Park Fest kicks off Friday and runs through Sunday. You can catch Landry and her band on the center stage at 5:30 p.m. Saturday.

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