Spotlight Politics: Illinois Has a New Supreme Court Justice

Ald. Ed Burke faces federal corruption charges, but his wife is in line for a promotion. Our politics team of Paris Schutz, Amanda Vinicky and Carol Marin discuss that story and more in this week’s Spotlight Politics.

Chicago Ald. Ed Burke may be in for the fight of his life, facing federal corruption charges. The accusations already forced him to resign his post as chair of the City Council’s Finance Committee.

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But his wife – Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke – is in line for a promotion.

She’s set to ascend next month to the position of chief justice.

“I am humbled and honored that my colleagues have chosen me to be the next Chief Justice,” Burke said in a statement. “I will do my very best to live up to the high standards set by those who have preceded me and look forward to working with members of the judiciary, court employees and the Illinois bar to make the judicial system the very best that it can be.”

The chief judge position rotates every three years, passed down in order of seniority.

The chief judge of Cook County’s circuit court is likewise chosen by his or her peers.

Judge Timothy Evans has held the post for 18 years, withstanding a challenge four years ago.

This time, he’s facing a challenge from Circuit Judge Lorna Popes.

Meanwhile, Cook County Clerk Karen Yarbrough – until recently, the county’s recorder of deeds – is accused in a court filing of running an “illegal patronage employment system.”

Yarbrough has denied the accusation.  

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