Summer Reading List 2017: Mysteries, Histories and ... Ice Cream

Summer means sprinklers, ice cream trucks, and reading outside on park benches, lawns and beaches.

If you’re looking for a good book to take to the pool, we’ve got you covered. Esther Dairiam, Al Gini and Frances de Pontes Peebles have compiled summer reading recommendations for Chicago Tonight. Their picks include mysteries, history and an ice cream cook book.

Dairiam is the owner of Read It & Eat, a culinary bookstore in Lincoln Park, and Gini is professor of business ethics at Loyola University. Peebles is the author of two novels: “The Seamstress” and a forthcoming book, “The Air You Breathe.”

They join Phil Ponce to discuss their literary picks on Chicago Tonight. You can check out their selections below. Click a book cover to read an excerpt.

Recommended by: Esther Dairiam

Recommended by: Al Gini

Recommended by: Frances de Pontes Peebles