Joe Walsh Questionnaire


1) What is the No. 1 issue in your district and how would you address it?

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Voters in my district are talking about two issues today and two issues only: jobs and the economy. How candidates plan to improve both will be the sole determinant of this election, and since they go hand-in-hand, those two issues are my number one focus. 

2) How would you promote job growth in your district?

We promote job growth by taking three major actions:

1. Repeal ObamaCare – The looming burdens approaching businesses with ObamaCare set to come into effect over the next few years are discouraging businesses from hiring new workers and growing.

2. Simplify the tax code – Extending tax breaks one year at a time make it very hard for companies to plan fiscally for the future. The instability in Washington has forced companies to adopt a wait-and-see approach. Congress must permanently extend tax breaks at all levels to allow hard earned capital to stay with those who earned it so that they can reinvest and grow, bringing on new employees.

3. Reduce the size of government and reduce regulations to create stability and remove the roadblocks that prevent job creators from growing their business.

3) Should the federal government cut spending and where?

First, no areas should be off-limits. Tammy Duckworth will use key terms like “waste, fraud and abuse” for cuts. These are mere drops in the bucket when it comes to government spending. We must reform our entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare. This is not just in an effort to balance our budget, but to ensure these programs are solvent for those who rely on these programs the most.

4) Give an example of something you’ve done that is bipartisanship in nature.

I joined the Fix Congress Now Caucus which will identify, agree upon, and move forward legislation and rule changes that will fix Congress.  I introduced the TSA No Hassle Fly Act this year, which passed the house with bipartisan support. The bill reduced regulations that make international travel more difficult. I also introduced the GSA (Government Spending Accountability) Act to limit government conferences to a spending cap of $500,000 which passed the house with bipartisan support.

5) Name one good policy idea that comes from the opposing party.

The No Budget No Pay Act and Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act.

6) How do you define family values?

Our family values center around freedom.  It includes freedom to choose which doctor you take your children to or which school they attend and to practice your religion. 

7) What are your thoughts on the healthcare law?

By healthcare law I assume you mean ObamaCare. We must fully repeal ObamaCare. ObamaCare has a devastating effect on our economy, our freedoms within our healthcare system, and hurts our quality of care while expanding the costs to both the patient and the taxpayer.

8) Who is your political role model?

Ronald Reagan

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