Susan Hathaway-Altman

Candidate for US House - 11th District

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

I am running is because….I love the United States of America! My life has been the epitome of the American Dream. I grew up in a small coal mining town near Pittsburgh, PA, to a loving mother that was a housewife and a dad that was in the Artillery in the US Army,  and then became a union pipefitter. When Dad got laid off during the steel collapse of 1980, it was extremely hard on us financially. I got married, didn’t go to college, and instead began working my way up, first as a waitress, and for the past 30+ years as a prominent executive and business leader.

My success is attributed to our unique government and the rights bestowed upon us by the U.S. Constitution. I live in this incredible country, where anything is possible. But I see the American Dream fading away under this current administration. And my true determination, grit, experience and skills, are needed in Congress. I decided to step aside from my successful career, and step up for my country who needs me desperately right now.

I will fight for every person in the 11th District of Illinois - to uphold the rights, freedoms, and opportunities that our Constitution bestows upon us. I will help working people, and everyone, thrive again in Illinois and in all of the U.S.

How has your district been impacted by the migrant crisis and what do you think should be done?

The migrant crisis has caused a financial and resource strain on the entire country, and especially in Illinois. The only help for the 11th district can come from a Federal level, due to our status as a "sanctuary state". We are not shielded against this crisis in the 11th District, as it is not just the city of Chicago that must deal with the mass population moving in, it is all of Illinois thanks to the “Trust Act” which allows migrants right of passage without getting deported (there is a current Republican repeal in the state house, and I support this effort). This crisis will eventually bankrupt our state, and potentially the entire U.S. In the short term, drugs are coming into Illinois at a rapid pace.

Crime is rising. And Illinois can’t flip the bill for migrants when we currently are running a billions in debt, and the 5 largest pension programs unstable, and if to collapse, would negatively impact every citizen of Illinois. So what will happen? Market instability – just like 2008 or worse. We may need a constitutional amendment to save us if that happens, because no other state will jump in to help us – who would want that type of debt?  I will work with my partners in Illinois government to help, where I am allowed, to clean everything up once I am in office.

From a Federal perspective, I will concentrate on closing the Southern border, securing the Northern border, reforming shipping and our security over cargo ships to capture vessels carrying fentanyl and other terrible drugs, enforce our immigration laws, put back the numerous border restrictions, such as "remain in Mexico",  that were completely wiped out in this administration, send back criminals, terrorists, and cartel members in a mass deportation effort. And as a daughter of migrants, I also care about the human rights aspect of this issue, and do not want to see migrants in such peril, traveling the treacherous path to freedom, all for a false promise of a good, healthy and stable life in America.

When they do come, I will make sure the environment exists for each of them to achieve the true American Dream, like my family and I have been blessed to do. I will do my part to make sure that law-abiding people are coming here for the right reason (they love our country), and at the right timing (according to our laws), and are informed and excited (lawful immigration process) to embrace our culture and assimilate into our government style -  instead of the reverse, which is happening now. 

What do you think immigration reform in Congress should look like?

Closing the Southern Border and enforcing current immigration laws, and deporting anyone in this country illegally, starting with criminals first.

How important is bipartisanship to you and what issues have you worked on across the aisle or with people who don't uniformly share your beliefs?

Bipartisanship is extremely important. And as the Candidate with the most leadership and negotiations experience, I have the best skills to move issues to resolution. Before I do anything, I clearly understand the issue first. I then clearly articulate the issue as well as all of the implications that arise from the issue. From there, and in Congress, I will create the right solutions that work, and remove any barriers to resolve things quickly.

I have honed and refined skills critical for collaboration and negotiations for over 30 years working directly each day with large and mid-sized businesses with the same types of concerns, challenges and trepidations. It takes a combination of art and skill to create a solution that works for our constituents and the country as a whole, and those Candidates not as experienced may falter. More people in Congress need to have these types of skills, as well as the motivation to be laser focused on issue resolution and good, sound and effective policy creation.

I believe in a small government, and consider myself a Constitutionalist, so I will always fall back on "what the Constitution says" to determine my position on issues, and then use my well-established skills in communication and negotiation to get others on board to put the right policies in place. I have the best possible skills to fix the economic crisis that we are in due to my 30+ years in large business and my S.U.C.C.E.E.D. plan for the 11th District. And frankly my #1 priority is to get the Southern border under control, to stop the mass migration that is crippling the U.S. in many ways, and taking jobs, money and opportunities away from U.S. citizens and those that have been in the immigration process for years that should be first in line.

What action, if any, do you want to see next on abortion access after the Dobbs decision?

America has more abortion access in 2024 than ever before. In 2020, that access was 77,000 per month, which has increased to 87,000 abortions per month today, up 12% since Dobbs, where now abortion rights reside with states. So nothing on abortion access, however, I will advocate to provide the exact same access to options for motherhood and adoption as there is access to Planned Parenthood.

I have fostered 9 children over the years, as well as adopted one of my foster children. People like me and others are anxious to adopt, but there are very few babies available for adoption in the U.S. I have confidence in voters that they are not only up-to-date on the widespread access to abortion in Illinois, but also exhausted with Democrats and mainstream media over-emphasizing this issue to try and defeat Republican Candidates. Access to abortion is a non-issue in Illinois. There's no "there, there". I know for a fact that I one am one of those voters, and I know thousands more.

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