IL Supreme Court

The Illinois Supreme Court is the state’s highest court and has administrative and supervisory authority over the state’s trial courts, one appellate court with five districts, and several supporting units. Justices are elected in partisan elections for 10-year terms and may be retained in office for additional terms of 10 years. A chief justice is elected by the other justices for a term of three years.


1st District

Jesse G. Reyes


“I bring an ability to identify problems and find solutions to the problems. I bring to the position diversity of experience, diversity of practice, and diversity of perspective.”

Joy Virginia Cunningham

Incumbent Democrat

“I believe my experience and comprehensive service to the court system makes me the most qualified candidate to continue my service to the people of Illinois as a member of the Illinois Supreme Court.”

4th District

Lisa Holder White


On July 7, 2022, Justice Lisa Holder White was sworn in as a Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court.

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