About the Candidate

Name: Matt Podgorski
DOB: Age 42
Occupation: Logistics Executive
Political Experience: Founder of Law & Order PAC
Website: www.mattpodgorski.com
Twitter: MattPodgorski9
Facebook: Matt Podgorski for Cook County Commissioner

Candidate Statement

Hello, I’m Matt Podgorski, and I’m running to be your next Cook County Commissioner for the newly drawn 9th District, which covers blue collar and white collar neighborhoods in the northwest suburbs, northwest wards of Chicago and communities along the Des Plaines River.

I’m a lifelong county resident, where I’m now raising my own family. 

Cook County residents and businesses have been really struggling right now due to three things: rising crime, taxes and cost of living issues like purchases of essentials like food, medicine and fuel.

To fix these problems, we need common sense problem solving and collaboration — not more of the same failed policies from the one-party rulers who’ve run the county down this path for decades.

The chief responsibility of county government — especially now — is public safety. My mother was a career Chicago police officer, and I saw how she served our family and community through difficult times.

I have broad, bipartisan support from local elected officials and voters who’ve known and worked with me to help address issues like increasing crime.

We need to support our local police and law enforcement. We need to keep violent offenders from re-victimizing our communities.

And we must hold our discredited State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, and her dysfunctional administration, accountable. 

Taxes and the cost of living in Cook County are also serious problems we face.

The county’s property and sales taxes remain among the highest in the country and — along with crime — are becoming another reason why people and businesses want to move.

We need to fix Cook County’s spending problems and end misguided and expensive pet projects like taxpayer-funded universal basic income.

I’m grateful to have the support of first-responder groups and organized labor. I’m asking for your vote, and I look forward to working with you, and working for you, to make Cook County safe and affordable once again.

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

As a lifelong Cook County resident, I’ve seen our neighborhoods become increasingly unsafe, unaffordable, and unlivable. It’s unacceptable. 

Our county’s residents pay some of the highest property and sales taxes in the country, yet the County is increasingly dangerous and dysfunctional—undermined by misguided leadership. 

Cook County Commissioners have a duty to lead better and steward County operations, including its core functions of public safety.

What does this office do well, and what needs fixing?

We provide constituent services for myriad Cook County issues and vote on Cook County budgets and policy. 

Crime and taxes are the two major issues I hear about most from voters and my future constituents.  We pay among the highest sales, property tax, and fuel taxes in the country, yet public services are mediocre or poor.   And our residences and businesses increasingly feel less safe.

In addition to high taxes and crime, businesses are over-taxed and over-regulated by County government, which is causing many to close or move.  This just pushes the burden of funding government onto fewer taxpayers. Job losses and a weaker overall economy also result.

What is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how do you plan on addressing it?

Crime and taxes are, by far, the most pressing issues.

Our first priority remains public safety.  We need to hold Kim Foxx's office accountable for enabling major and minor crimes to spike so intolerably.  We need to equip law enforcement with the tools they need to keep violent criminals locked up and our neighborhoods, residences, and businesses safe. 

Cook County just lacks common sense solutions and leadership.

What specific steps would you take to ensure your office is accessible and responsive to your constituents?

For nearly a year, I have advertised my cell phone number for constituents to reach me personally by text or phone.  I have a strong and deep grassroots organization that has canvassed virtually every neighborhood in the district to find out what our constituents want and need for the office. 

We'll continue to be very active in this manner and hold constituent fairs and town hall meetings to present myself and my office's services and staff to community residents.