About the Candidate

Name: Josina Morita
DOB: 1980
Occupation: MWRD Commissioner
Political Experience: I have been Commissioner at the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District since 2016. I have chaired the state’s Asian American Caucus since 2019. I became the first woman to serve as Niles Township Democratic Committeeperson December of 2021.
Website: www.josinamorita.com
Facebook: Josina Morita | Facebook

Candidate Statement

My name is Josina Morita. I am running for Cook County Board in the 13th District. I am an urban planner, community advocate and working mom. I’m running to make Cook County more equitable, accessible and sustainable. As Commissioner at the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District for the last six years, I have been doing just that.

I have worked to increase investment and infrastructure in environmental justice communities. I have engaged students and communities in MWRD and water conservation from jumping in the Chicago River to the Million Gallon Challenge. And I have fought hard to protect green spaces like Isabella Woods in the 13th District. I'm proud to chair the Asian American Caucus and the country's first Mama's Caucus. I ask for your vote on November 8th. You can learn more about me at www.josinamorita.com

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

I am running as an urban planner, working mom and community advocate to make Cook County more equitable, sustainable and accessible. 

What does this office do well, and what needs fixing?

Cook County has made tremendous strides in reforming county government and investing in equity. I look forward to the opportunity to bring Asian Americans and other smaller ethnic and religious communities to the table in new ways.

What is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how do you plan on addressing it?

The 13th District is incredibly diverse. Many have not engaged with county government. As an organizer and advocate I want to bring county government more directly to communities.

What specific steps would you take to ensure your office is accessible and responsive to your constituents?

I have already met with over 100 community leaders across the 13th District over the last year. I look forward to continuing to formalize relationships and establish lines of communication and support through advisory groups, direct outreach programs and running a robust constituent services program.