RACE: Cook County Board of Commissioners

About the Candidate

Name: Daniel T Calandriello
DOB: Oct. 19, 1984
Occupation: Attorney 
Political Experience: Village of Orland Park Trustee (2013- 2021)
Website: Danforcook.com
Twitter: danforcook
Facebook: danforcook
Instagram: danforcook

Candidate Statement

My name is Dan Calandriello and I am a candidate for Cook County Commissioner for the 17th District.  As a former prosecutor and Village of Orland Park Trustee, I have the experience needed to get the job done for the taxpayers.  I will bring a fresh approach to County Government.

If elected, I will be the only former prosecutor on the board, that experience provides me with invaluable knowledge about our criminal justice system to protect our families. We need to make better investments in public safety technology, training, and staffing.  Public safety will be my number one priority as Commissioner.

As a county, we need to do a better job providing mental health services to our residents.  The mental health crisis needs to be addressed and the County Health System can do that.

Finally, we need to get serious with our infrastructure ensuring better roads, bridges, and stormwater management.

I have done all these things as a prosecutor and trustee and will do that on the county board.  It is time for a leader who actually addresses the problems of the day and not just tweets about the problems or place blame.  I will get the job done, not by attacking others but by collaborating, listening, and caring for the community.  

For further details check out my website at danforcook.com.  I ask for your vote on November 8th because we can do better.

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

I am running for Commissioner because it is time for an experienced leader who will bring a fresh approach to County government.  We need a leader in office who advocates for residents and actually gets things done for the 17th District.  As a former Prosecutor, I know what it takes to protect our families.  I have done it in the court room and will do it in the board room.  We need to make investments in public safety and in mental health services. 

As a former Orland Park Trustee, I have passed 7 balanced budgets, never raising property taxes. We need these traits in Cook County government.  I helped our businesses with market-based incentives, and I want to use that experience to make Cook County businesses competitive.  Finally, it’s time to work together and make positive, necessary changes for our constituents instead of fighting and tweeting about the problems.  These are my primary motivators in serving my neighbors as their Cook County Commissioner.

What does this office do well, and what needs fixing?

I believe our Cook County Board of Commissioners has not listened to the residents of the 17th District, which needs to change.  In particular, the district needs additional funding for our infrastructure, especially to resolve flooding issues in our district.  Additionally, I believe the community is not being listened to regarding public safety and the need for an increase in mental health services.  Recently, the County Board is doing a better job at cutting down on the amount of unfunded pension liabilities.  I support this effort in order to get our pension liabilities fully funded.

What is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how do you plan on addressing it?

I believe the increase in crime is the most pressing issue in my district.  My solution involves many tactics including increasing funding for technology and support for the Cook County Sheriff to keep better track of Electronic Home Monitor participants, expansion of mental health teams for all police departments, and providing local municipalities more resources to make sure they have the technologies and training needed to protect our residents. 

Additionally, County resources need to be focused on preventing and apprehending carjackers and violent criminals with illegal guns.  The County needs to make sure that local law enforcements work together, share information and resources since criminals do not care about town jurisdictions.  We need to address the increase in crime with many tools, confronting the issue from all sides.

What specific steps would you take to ensure your office is accessible and responsive to your constituents?

As County Commissioner, I will be fully accessible to the public.  I will proactively engage in the community with coffees, open houses, and other events and not only at election time.  I believe government officials should be accessible to their constituents by going to them in their neighborhoods instead of waiting to be sought out.