About the Candidate

Name: Chuck Cerniglia
Occupation: Self Employed Business Owner
Political Experience: Limited 
Website: www.chuckforcookcounty.com
Facebook: Chuck Cerniglia for Cook County Board District 15

Candidate Statement

Hi, I'm Chuck Cerniglia. I am running for the Cook County Board in District 15.

District 15 is a suburban district primarily in the North and Western portion of Cook County. I have had the opportunity to talk to many voters across the district and a common concern over crime and the economy has been voiced. Most of the crime in Cook County is in Chicago but car jackings and robbery, and other crimes are on the rise in the suburbs. My opponent voted to defund the police. I would vote to put that money back in the budget. I would also introduce a resolution calling on the Illinois General Assembly to vote on legislation that would allow voters in Cook County to recall State's Attorney Kim Foxx.

If elected, I would not support any tax increases and instead I would focus on areas where we can cut spending and be accountable to the voters. I would also support the creation of a business climate in Cook County that would attract new businesses and jobs. We need to make sure that county government is working with small businesses in particular.  We have seen too many family businesses and restaurants close for the last time in the last two years.

My name is Chuck Cerniglia and I would be honored to have your vote in the November 8th election. Thank you.

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

My motivation for running for office is a desire to give back to my community and make a difference. Cook County has a lot of problems that need to be solved with sound policy and best practices. That is not the way the current county board functions and certainly not my opponent.

My opponent and I have big differences when it comes to the issue of crime. My opponent voted to defund the police despite the objections of the Sheriff of his own party. I would support resolutions that would call on the Illinois Legislature to repeal the so-called Safe T Act and the sweeping measures it promotes.

I am an advocate for taxpayers and therefore I will work to find ways to save taxpayer dollars. I am an advocate of consolidation and collaboration wherever county, state and local governments can work together. As business owner, I believe our local businesses deserve an advocate in office who understands the impact of county decisions on their ability to survive and thrive.

What does this office do well, and what needs fixing?

A county board member is a representative to the people of the district they represent. When I look at the incumbent’s record, I do not believe that it fits the collective needs of this suburban district. I will represent the district on the county board by supporting and initiating policies that solve the problems that the people are concerned about. The office needs to be devoid of personal or social agendas.

What is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how do you plan on addressing it?

Far and away, Crime is the issue on the minds of voters in District 15. Part of the problem is that the suburbs are not accustomed to experiencing carjackings and other violent crimes at the level that they are now. What was once rare is becoming commonplace and the people want this issue addressed. My opponent voted to defund the police and you can’t get much more out of step with your constituency than that.

What specific steps would you take to ensure your office is accessible and responsive to your constituents?

I will hold more town meetings allowing district 15 residents the opportunity to voice their concerns. These town hall meetings can be a combination of in person and virtual.

I also plan to create a District 15 online Bulletin Board asking my constituents to post specific concerns whether it is potholes, lighting, or other issues.
Finally, I will create a district-wide newsletter that constituents can sign up to receive or read it on my website.