Nov 27, 2021

Chicago Tonight: Black Voices, November 27, 2021 - Full Show

Author Dawn Turner on growing up in Chicago. Discussion and debate over Black hairstyles. Plus, an artist captures the beauty and the stories of the South Side.

Nov 20, 2021

The Last Word: On Diversity in Conservation

The Illinois Nature Conservancy’s community outreach team gives us “The Last Word” on how bringing diverse perspectives to conservationism - and truly listening to them - can bring about a natural change.

Nov 20, 2021

Chicago Tonight: Black Voices, November 20, 2021 - Full Show

Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty on all counts — a look at the role of race in that case. How food banks are holding up amid supply chain issues. And diverse voices in environmental efforts. 

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Nov 20, 2021

The Role of Race in the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

The murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse is forcing the nation to revisit conversations about race and privilege in the criminal justice system, with many wondering if Rittenhouse would have received the same treatment if he were Black.

Nov 20, 2021

Food Banks Prepare for Increase in Need Over Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and this year’s dinner celebration is expected to be one of the most expensive holidays ever. That’s largely due to inflation and supply chain issues driving up prices. As the cost of food rises, the need is also increasing.

Nov 13, 2021

New Movie ‘Passing’ Based on Novel by Chicago Author Explores Historical Struggle

The new Netflix movie “Passing” centers around two Black women who can both “pass” as white but take different paths, one choosing to live as white, the other Black. The film is an adaptation of the 1929 novel by Chicago author Nella Larsen.

Nov 13, 2021

The Push to Grow More Trees in Underserved Neighborhoods

Chicago is set to invest $46 million in tree planting over the next five years. Trees can help improve air quality, reduce flooding, and offer several other health and social benefits. But the distribution of trees throughout Chicago is far from equal.

Nov 13, 2021

Chicago Tonight: Black Voices, November 13, 2021 - Full Show

An effort to plant more trees in underserved areas. A new movie shines light on the history of “racial passing.” Two local social media stars tour a South Side neighborhood. And meet Poppin’ Chuck.

Nov 13, 2021

Chicago Dancer ‘Poppin’ Chuck’ One of Dozens Receiving Historic Grant

We introduced you to a violinist who's one of dozens of Chicago artists receiving cash grants to pursue their careers. Now, meet an artist with a dance style that started in the late 60s but has evolved through the decades. 
Nov 13, 2021

‘Chicago Party Aunt’ Chris Witaske Tours Chatham with Local Historian Shermann ‘Dilla’ Thomas

“Chicago Party Aunt,” based on the fictional Twitter account by Chris Witaske went national last September with the premiere of the Netflix series. But Witaske has roots primarily in the western suburbs which leaves some things out. So another Chicago social media star gave him a tour of a prominent South Side neighborhood.

Nov 6, 2021

Black Harvest Film Festival Returns to Highlight Black Cinema

The 27th annual Black Harvest Film Festival kicked off Friday. After going fully virtual last year, the festival is back in-person at the Gene Siskel Film Center. Audiences can watch more than 30 films and documentaries and six short film series.

Nov 6, 2021

Violence Prevention Plan Focuses on Youth, Mental Health

Community organizations working to prevent gun violence will soon get a boost in funding from the state. Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed an executive order declaring gun violence a public health crisis and announced a plan to address it.

Nov 6, 2021

Chicago Tonight: Black Voices, November 6, 2021 - Full Show

The state invests $250 million in its latest public health crisis: gun violence. James “Big Cat” Williams on the latest in football and what’s next for the Bears. And the Black Harvest Film Festival opens.

Nov 6, 2021

QB Justin Fields Impresses in Loss to San Francisco, Some Progress Ahead of Pittsburgh

A new Netflix series on Colin Kaepernick’s life is causing a stir; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is not vaccinated after all; and on the field, the Chicago Bears prepare to tackle the Pittsburgh Steelers. We get into it with former Bears’ offensive lineman James “Big Cat” Williams.

Oct 30, 2021

The Last Word: Oboi Reed

Chicagoans are fortunate to have many options for moving about the city — from cars, buses and trains to bikes, scooters, and our own two feet. But the infrastructure for those transportation methods is not offered in equal measure to all of Chicago's communities.