Feb 21, 2021

Deputy IG: Senior Police Leadership Failed Front-Line Officers and Public During May Unrest

The author of a scathing report from the city’s Office of Inspector General says the senior leadership of the Chicago Police Department failed both their front-line officers and the public during the unrest that followed the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer.

Feb 21, 2021

Chicago Tonight: Black Voices, Feb. 21, 2021 - Full Show

A scathing report on how the Chicago Police Department responded to 2020 protests. Author and professor Eddie Glaude joins us for this week’s Black Voices Book Club. And sisters in the name of gospel.

Feb 21, 2021

‘Begin Again’ Book Revisits James Baldwin’s Body of Work

Princeton University professor Dr. Eddie Glaude Jr. talks about his hopes for the nation — and those of writer James Baldwin — in this week’s Black Voices Book Club selection.

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Feb 16, 2021

Sister Group A4L Talks About the Impact of Gospel Music

A group of young women are changing the narrative of gospel music — and who it’s for. We meet a band of sisters who are on a mission. 

Feb 14, 2021

Chicago Tonight: Black Voices, Feb. 14, 2021 - Full Show

Remembering the torture inflicted on dozens of Black men under former Police Cmdr. Jon Burge. Black Voices Book Club explores “White Fright.” A museum honors the “father of modern Chicago blues.”

Feb 14, 2021

How the Torture Archive, Justice Center Are Helping Survivors Heal

A new archive detailing the experiences of police torture survivors went online this month. We hear from two people who are helping those survivors heal.

Feb 14, 2021

‘Our People’ 1969 Interview: George Kirby

In this rediscovered interview from the WTTW series “Our People,” host Jim Tilmon gets the Chicago comedian to tell one of his signature stories.

Feb 14, 2021

New Book ‘White Fright’ Investigates Roots of American Racism

“White Fright: The Sexual Panic at the Heart of America’s Racist History” re-examines the Reconstruction era through the 1960s and offers a new perspective on America’s history of white supremacy. Author Jane Dailey joins us as part of our Black Voices Book Club series.

Feb 7, 2021

What Children Should Be Learning About Black History

With Black history month underway, we take a closer look at how and what we teach our children about Black history with state Rep. La Shawn Ford, a former Chicago Public Schools teacher, and Maureen Tatsuko Loughnane, executive director of the nonprofit Facing History and Ourselves.

Feb 7, 2021

Chicago Tonight: Black Voices, Feb. 7, 2021 - Full Show

How Black history is being taught in schools. Life after prison in this week’s Black Voices Book Club pick. A look back at WTTW’s “Our People” with Jim Tilmon, and teaching young men to be gentlemen.

Feb 7, 2021

The Last Word: Jermaine Anderson

The founder of a nonprofit that mentors young men in the Chicago area tells us what it means to be a gentleman.

Feb 7, 2021

‘Our People’ 1968 Interview: Godfrey Cambridge

The comedian and actor known for his sardonic take on culture and society shares his thoughts on policing and crime in Chicago in this interview with Jim Tilmon from the WTTW show “Our People.”

Feb 3, 2021

New Book ‘Halfway Home’ Explores Life After Incarceration

In Illinois there are more than 1,400 laws regulating the lives of people who are formerly incarcerated. A new book by Reuben Jonathan Miller examines these laws and how they affect the lives of people with felonies once they are out of prison.

Jan 31, 2021

Chicago Tonight: Black Voices, Jan. 31, 2021 - Full Show

The presidents of the National Urban League and the Chicago Urban League on racial equity. We travel the “U.S. Civil Rights Trail” in our book club. Remembering Bessie Coleman, the original fly girl.

Jan 31, 2021

New Book ‘US Civil Rights Trail’ A Journey Through Time

Author and journalist Deborah Douglas said that traveling the civil rights trail is an emotional experience, but one that is worth having in person. “I gained a greater appreciation for the African American experience and what my elders were able to accomplish,” she said.