Hidden Haricot Vert

For most of the gardening it season it seemed as though the Haricot Vert (French filet beans) we planted were struggling.

At first they were being crowded by the nasturtiums, which we pruned extensively in order to make room for the beans. But the nasturtiums grew back, reclaiming most of the space allotted for the beans. Meanwhile, the Brussels sprouts grew taller and wider, infringing on the Haricot Vert.

This made me wonder if we would see any French filet beans in our garden. But today as I was tending to the garden, I saw several hidden Haricot Vert.

Glancing at the plant, one could easily miss seeing the thin, light green beans hanging delicately from the plant. Pulling back the leaves of the plant (and surrounding plants), you can see handful of beans of all different sizes.

Several of the beans I spotted appeared ready to harvest, but I’ll wait to see what Jeanne Nolan and The Organic Gardener crew have to say about them during their visit tomorrow.