Cool, Wet Weather Ideal for Spring Planting

April showers bring the perfect weather for spring planting. The past several weeks of cold, wet weather have been ideal for planting spring crops, like lettuce, radishes and peas, says The Organic Gardener Jeanne Nolan.

“They thrive in this weather and the seed germinates in this weather,” said Nolan. “These plants prefer this kind of weather. It is perfect spinach weather.”

While we may not enjoy the cool weather, lettuce and other greens will “because there is no pressure from bugs or stress from the heat.”

Nolan joins host Phil Ponce in the WTTW garden to plant our spring crops. (Find out all the crops we’re planting here. You can also get details on how to plant them and the best times to plant).

And if you’ve decided to dig into gardening for the first time this season, find everything you need to get started here.

Viewers will once again have the say in what we grow for 2017.

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