Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

It is past time for new leadership to replace current failed leaders with common sense solutions.

How has your district been impacted by the migrant crisis and what do you think should be done?

It is completely unsustainable and threatens to destroy the district and country. Almost 100,000 mostly young Americans die yearly from the poison coming across the southern border and we do not have the resources to handle the influx. It is a situation that the current administration has created and it can be changed by bringing people together with common sense solutions. Reinstate Title 42 and remain in Mexico policy, finish the wall as is practical, prosecute the terrorists/cartels smuggling in fentanyl and child/sex trafficking... 

What do you think immigration reform in Congress should look like?

Reinstate the Remain in Mexico policy and title 42 as well as finish the wall as is practical to close the wide open border and unsustainable flow crossing daily. We should identify the cartels responsible for sex/child trafficking and the drugs that are killing our young people with fentanyl as the terrorists that they are. Then prosecute these terror groups using our military to stop the poisoning of our children. That will end the crisis. Longer term we need to help the millions of people who have entered illegally to determine their status ASAP and either help them on a path to citizenship or for most help them return home depending on the status determined. Last we should come together for real immigration reform that will equitably determine how many people annually we can allow into the US and a legal process to manage it in a efficient and mutually beneficial way. 

How important is bipartisanship to you and what issues have you worked on across the aisle or with people who don't uniformly share your beliefs?

We are all Americans. There are forces including the media that thrive on dividing us. I would like to counter those groups with bi partisan efforts to find common ground to create common sense solutions for all Americans regardless of party. 

What action, if any, do you want to see next on abortion access after the Dobbs decision?

I am running for US Congress. Because that is a federal office and not a state one I will have  not have a seat at the table in decisions regarding abortion. It is now a state issue since  Dobbs. Illinois as you know is a choice state.

Did Joe Biden legitimately win the 2020 presidential race?


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Should the United States provide Ukraine with aid in the form of military supplies?


Should the U.S. provide Israel with money in its fight against Hamas?


Should the United States provide Israel with aid in the form of military supplies in its fight against Hamas?


Should there be a law requiring background checks on all gun sales?


Should Congress pass a federal law banning semi-automatic assault-style weapons and large-capacity magazines to help address gun violence?