Chad Koppie

Candidate for US House - 7th District

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

I want to remind all Americans that abortion is murder and that we need a constitutional amendment to ban it.

How has your district been impacted by the migrant crisis and what do you think should be done?

Some residents of the district are poor and need more government help.  Too many migrants came and expect services that should be given to people who have already been here.  ICE should try to arrest and deport as many illegal aliens as possible, as quickly as possible.

What do you think immigration reform in Congress should look like?

Congress should ensure that the border wall will be finished and guarded well.  The border patrol should guard the border and ensure that no illegals will enter.  ICE agents should try to deport all illegal aliens.  Congress should impeach Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas.  If that happens, I'll confront the six republican senators who voted to confirm him and ask if they regret that vote.

How important is bipartisanship to you and what issues have you worked on across the aisle or with people who don't uniformly share your beliefs?

Bipartisanship is important, since I hope I can persuade many Democrats that abortion is murder.  I hope I can persuade Democrats that our government should deport more illegal aliens.  If there are illegal aliens, some of them will try to take jobs and/or welfare benefits that should go to Americans.

What action, if any, do you want to see next on abortion access after the Dobbs decision?

Congress should propose a constitutional amendment that would say that a fetus is a person. It would say that anyone, who performs an abortion, will be arrested for homicide, like any other murder. There are more details on my campaign website.

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