Candidate for Chicago City Council

About the Candidate

Name: Steven McClellan
DOB: Feb. 11, 1982
Family: Regina McClellan, William B. McClellan Sr., William B. McClellan Jr.
Occupation: Program Director/Owner of Youth Producers Afterschool Programming & Co-Owner of Sports, Fitness & Beyond LLC
Political Experience: I am currently serving my second term on LaSalle Language Academy’s Local School Council as Community Representative (elected).

Candidate Statement

Hello, my name is Steven McClellan and I’m running for alderman of the 43rd ward, City of Chicago. I’m running for alderman because I want to serve Chicago and my community at a level that reaches all constituents within our ward, proactively tackle the issue our city is facing by bringing real change, accountability and a fresh perspective to the council, coming from a well rounded, born and raised Chicagoans point of view. Now is the time when we need leadership that is not afraid to be independent of the Mayor’s office while working closely with the administration to do what is best for our City.

My introduction to the neighborhood was in 1987 when I attended LaSalle Language Academy. As I traveled from the south side of Chicago to the Old Town Triangle, I always understood the difference in the neighborhoods we drove through. I was able to get a glimpse on city services and observed what neighborhoods were being developed at that time. I have always been attached to the Lincoln Park/Old Town area and have lived here for almost 14 years.

I managed an open outcry brokerage firm in the trading floor at the Chicago Board of Trade grain complex where I dealt with demanding personalities and was forced to make tough and smart decisions under time constraints. I currently operate an education based after school programming company specializing in Arts, Academic and Athletics.

I’m currently serving my second term as Community Representative on the Local School Council, where I have worked hard to hire our new principal in order to maintain the excellent standard set for the schools in our neighborhood. I want to work closely with EVERY school administration, Private, Public and Catholic to support each school’s needs. Education is key and will always be prioritized throughout my tenure. In addition to hiring the new leader of the school, I have worked closely with the City to secure funds for a green space project that will be a benefit to the students and community as well.

Candidate Q&A

What is your vision for this office?

I believe the 43rd ward needs new leadership that will prioritize our ward as well to help improve the City of Chicago overall. Too many years of neglect has caused Chicago to face serious financial setbacks, an increase in crime, development that does not fit the character of neighborhood and ignoring the concerns of residents.

We need an alderman that will be active, work closely with city council to pass legislation and not afraid to provide real checks and balances.

What is the most pressing issue facing constituents, and how can you help address it?

Crime: A large portion of 43rd ward constituents are concerned with crime and safety. Specifically car thefts, car jackings, muggings and home invasions. Crime plagues Chicago as a whole and generally needs to be addressed on a city level. I would obviously want a larger police presence, but also want to raise more awareness to our residents around safety precautions, ensuring all doors are locked in the residence and cars, be aware of our surroundings and report any suspicious behavior. We also need accessible and affordable programming for our youth so they are engaging in productive activities opposed to petty theft.

Retail flight/Vacant storefronts: The alderman should be actively working to showcase the neighborhood and to appeal to business owners and retailers. Empty storefronts have plagued parts of our ward for years and no resolution seems to be set. It is incumbent upon property owners, real estate brokers and the aldermen to actively seek sustainable businesses that add to the viability of the ward.