Candidate for Chicago City Council

About the Candidate

Name: Richard A. Wooten
DOB: June 21, 1965
Family: I am the oldest of three siblings, a husband, father of two adult children, and, grandfather of three.
Occupation: Retired Chicago Police Officer and Pastor of Gathering Point Universal Ministries
Political Experience: Candidate for Alderman 6th Ward 2011 & 2015, Candidate for State Representative for the 34th District 2012, and President of the Greater Chatham Alliance (GCA).

Candidate Statement

Hello I am Richard Wooten, Candidate for the 6th ward Aldermanic office for the city of Chicago. My entire adult life has been committed to service. I served my country in the United States Army and when I returned after served in the Desert Storm War. I was blessed to serve my city as a Chicago Police Officer for 23 years, and now as the pastor of Gathering Point Universal Ministries and President of the Greater Chatham Alliance. I know first-hand that we the residents of the 6th Ward fight for Quality Education and recreational facilities for our youth, Economic Development that will bring job opportunities and revenue, and public safety that will make our kids feel safe commuting to and from school. These issues are dear to me and the residents of the 6th Ward. As a Pastor, Retired Law Enforcement officer, Veteran, Community Leader, and entrepreneur. I have the passion, the fortitude, and skillsets to address these issues and more. When the Video of the Laquan McDonald Shooting was released remaining Silent wasn't an a Police Officer, I spoke up and demanded action to be taken as I also called for Police Reform and as Alderman of the 6th Ward I will speak up and communicate with my Constituents because as a team we can achieve and make our Ward better place to live. Again, I am Richard Wooten, Candidate for the 6th ward Aldermanic office for the city of Chicago and I am asking for your support. To learn more go to Thank you.

Candidate Q&A

What is your vision for this office?

My vision of the office of the 6th Ward is to be a representative for all the people of the 6th Ward in their needs and desires as pertains to City services and ensure the vision for the ward is built in collaboration with the communities of the ward.

We need quality curriculums and programs in our schools that our youth can use in their everyday living. I will work with grant recipients offering social-emotional learning programs like Home Economic, Crisis Management, Conflict Resolution and Trade programs for High Schools to prepare our youth for better future.

My game plan for reducing violent crime in my Ward:

I will ensure that I have a positive relationship with the commanders of the police district in my ward, who will support a community safety center ran by members of the community. The safety center will train and engage members of the neighborhoods to take a more proactive role in community safety. Community engagement is an important part in obtaining information to resolve or prevent violent crimes. I will also work with the commanders and other city agencies to combine city services in targeting problem businesses, buildings, and individuals within the 6th Ward. Finally, I will support legislation that will charge repeat gun offenders with federal charges verses state charges.