Candidate for Chicago City Council

About the Candidate

Name: Quandra Speights
DOB: Jan. 13
Family: Single
Occupation: Lawyer / HR professional
Political Experience: None
Website: Facebook Citizens to Elect Quandra Speights

Candidate Statement

My name is Quandra Speights and I am running for the Alderman of the 20th Ward. I’ve lived and work in the 20th Ward for several years, and my family has lived in the 20 ward for over 40 years.

I graduated from Fenger High School, on the South Side of Chicago.

I attended Clark Atlanta University where I received a BA.

I attended the University of Minnesota where I received my master’s degree in human resources and Industrial Relations.

I later received my MBA and my JD from Valparaiso School of Law.

I decided to run for the 20th Ward alderman due to the lack of engagement, leadership and community neglect I’ve experienced in the 20th Ward.

a. Our communities are failing

b. We are suffering from a corrupt, broken and do-nothing system

The Ward would be greatly benefit from my extensive work history and experience with managing processes, working with diverse groups of people and managing multi-million-dollar budgets.

Our current Alderman has decided to step down and so we need an effective leader. Someone like myself who is going to properly advocate and represent the resident of the 20th Ward. I will focus on economic development and bringing businesses and training programs to the 20th Ward. I will listen to the concerns of the residents and allow them a seat at the table in order to bring real solutions/viable solutions so that we can bring positive changes in order to rebuild our community.

I am someone who can meet people where they are, advocate and support them because I know the value of building people up and leveraging relationships to improve current situations.

I am qualified, I am a grassroots candidate, I am strong, I have the will and determination. We all will win if I am voted in as your 20th Ward Alderman.

I am the people choice for the 20th Ward. Thank you WTTW for this opportunity.

Candidate Q&A

What is your vision for this office?

To rebuild my community through economic development and empowering the residents.

What is the most pressing issue facing constituents, and how can you help address it?

Economic Development

The 20th Ward needs strong retail and commercial corridors. We need a stronger Cottage Grove, 51st Street and 63rd Street corridor. I will work with not only the Department of Planning, but with all the stakeholders in all parts of the ward to bring businesses back. We need our people working and this is the strongest way to do it because we are going to have to protect ourselves against harmful gentrification, rising housing costs, foreclosures and other consequences that will further decrease our quality of life.

Crime, Violence and a Public Safety Plan

Much like in Hyde Park where they have a lot of festivals and outdoor events and activities, it’s clear that those have an impact in helping to reduce violence and crime because there is more engagement, civic activity and community involvement. We don’t have enough of those things in the Ward

As the Alderman I will work with the Park District and the Department of Special Events to bring more MOVIES IN THE PARK, the resident to have more block club parties, and festivals in our commercial corridors to help bring more traffic to our businesses.  

Additionally, working with our Police Districts in 2,3, 7 and 9 and supporting them by attending CAPS meetings is very important… 

Transparency and Accountable in Government

I will establish the following committees so that residents can have a seat at the table and participate in the process. IN EACH NEIGHBORHOOD, I will have the following:

• Zoning Committee

• Economic Development Committee

• Budget Committee

• Public Safety Committee

• Education Committee