Candidate for Chicago City Council

About the Candidate

Name: Paulino R. Villarreal Jr.
DOB: Sept. 1, 1971
Family: Olimpia (Wife) Carlos (Son) Mireya (Daughter) Paulino III (Son)
Occupation: Licensed private detective
Political Experience: Never been an elected official

Candidate Statement

Hello Everyone, My name is Paulino Villarreal Jr., I am a candidate for alderman of the 23rd ward.

I am married to my Wife Olimpia, we have 3 children, our oldest is Carlos who is 21, our daughter Mireya who is 18 & our little blessing Paulino III, who is 3.

We have resided in the Garfield Ridge / Clearing community for the past 12 years and have proudly raised our children here. My wife and I have 2 small business, the first being a private security company, private detective agency, and we own a small mom and pop coffee shop located on west Archer Ave.

The reason that I am running for Alderman is simple, there are many issues in our ward that have been ignored for years, we have recently seen an influx in crime with home invasions, vehicle thefts, there have even been several homicides, Our ward pays some of the highest property taxes in Chicago, yet we seem to be lacking the basic city services. We need to revitalize the Archer Ave. business district as well as the 63rd street business area.

We have an area of the 23rd ward that has been forgotten by the current & past administrations, a neighborhood west of Pulaski rd., where the streets & sidewalks are crumbling, where streets lights are out for weeks at a time, where there is rodent infestation.

The 23rd ward needs a leader who is not afraid to stand on their own 2 feet, a leader who will go toe to toe against the powers that be, someone who will stand up to Speaker Madigan & say enough is enough with raising our taxes, someone who will not be his puppet like our current appointed alderman,

I am that Leader, I would love the opportunity to represent the 23rd ward in the Chicago city council.

Please cast your ballot for Paul Villarreal Alderman of the 23rd ward. Punch 61.

Candidate Q&A

What is your vision for this office?

To rejuvenate the 23rd ward, to break the political grip that speaker Madigan has on the area.

What is the most pressing issue facing constituents, and how can you help address it?

We in the 23rd ward are seeing an influx of criminal / gang activity that the current administration and the past administration refuse to address.

The 008th Police District is one of the largest in the city of Chicago, we need additional man power on our streets, we need additional beat cars patrolling our community on all shifts.