Candidate for Chicago City Council

About the Candidate

Name: Michael Negron
DOB: Dec. 21, 1979
Family: Coral Negron (wife), Julianna Negron (daughter), and Jeremiah Negron (son)
Occupation: Lawyer
Political Experience: Chief of Policy to Mayor Rahm Emanuel (2013-2018); Deputy Chief of Policy to Mayor Rahm Emanuel (2012-13); Director of Chicago Innovation Delivery Team (2011-12); Special Counsel to Department of Defense General Counsel (2010-11); Special Assistant to General Counsel of White House Office of Management and Budget (2009-2010); Counselor to Chairwoman Elizabeth Warren of Congressional Oversight Panel for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (2008-2009); Campaign Staffer, Obama for America (2007-2008)

Candidate Statement

My name is Michael Negron and I am running to be alderman of Chicago’s 47th ward.

In 2019, we are store for a lot of changes in city government, with new faces in the mayor’s office and on the City Council. But our challenges are not new: stabilizing our finances, strengthening our schools, improving our public safety, and creating opportunity in our neighborhoods.

With such big and urgent challenges in front of us, we need experienced hands in government with the vision and the values to move our city forward.

I have the experience to hit the ground running, and my values are informed by my life’s journey.

As a born and raised Chicagoan and the father of two small children ages 5 and 3, I am personally invested in the future of our neighborhoods here in the 47th ward as well as in a city where everyone can achieve their dreams.

My roots in Chicago run deep. My father moved from Puerto Rico in the 50s and was an autoworker with no more than a high school diploma. My mom moved from Guatemala, became a citizen and worked her way through college, becoming a CPS teacher in her 40s.

My presence in this race is probably against the odds. Growing up, we had more criminal records in my extended family than post-high school degrees.

But I’m here, and I’ve learned how our public institutions can create opportunity. That’s why I have been in public service for nearly 15 years.

I served in the Navy after college.

After graduating from Harvard Law School, I got my start in politics by working on Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign.

My first job in government was for Elizabeth Warren, overseeing the Wall Street bailout.

And in late 2011, I came home to work for Mayor Emanuel, where I spent 6 years working on important issues including raising the minimum wage, expanding access to our community colleges, and working with Ameya Pawar to invest in schools here in our community.

I’m running for alderman because I want to put this experience to work for our community by improving our schools, keeping our neighborhoods affordable, and making our streets safer. And I care deeply about a Chicago where everyone can get ahead.

I look forward to meeting you in the months to come and ask for your vote this February 26, 2019.

Candidate Q&A

What is your vision for this office?

As 47th ward alderman, I will work to invest in our neighborhood schools, improve our parks and infrastructure, advocate for quality city services and enhanced public safety, while fighting to ensure that Chicago is a city of opportunity for all.

What is the most pressing issue facing constituents, and how can you help address it?

The long-term sustainability of our community is the central challenge we face. The two biggest issues that drive this challenge are (1) ensuring the continued improvement of our neighborhood schools, especially our high schools, and (2) preserving the affordability of our neighborhoods. As alderman, I will put my deep experience in City government and politics to work by advocating for additional investments and supports for schools in our ward and across Chicago. And I will develop a comprehensive zoning plan with our neighbors that focuses on balanced development with a focus on preserving affordability.