Candidate for Chicago City Council

About the Candidate

Name: Linda Hudson
DOB: April 26, 1962
Family: Son, Josh
Occupation: Senior tax assistant
Political Experience: Worked on former 8th Ward Alderman Lorraine Dixon’s first campaign. Ran for 8th Ward Democratic Committeeman in 2016.

Candidate Statement

Hi I’m Linda Hudson, candidate for 8th Ward alderman.

My family moved to the 8th Ward in 1969. I attended Thomas Hoyne and Joseph Warren elementary schools and Chicago Vocational high school. I received my bachelor’s degree from Chicago State University.

I’m running for alderman because 8th ward residents have no one fighting for them in the city council.

We need an alderman for the entire ward, not just favored areas of it.

We need an alderman who is also focused on the big issues facing Chicago.

I live in Avalon Park, and in 2016 it was reported that Avalon Park had the city’s highest levels of lead in its water. The incumbent has not addressed this issue. I will.

We need real improvements in Chicago’s educational system. I support an elected school board to begin that process.

We need real police reform to reign in the department’s rogue element and its lack of discipline and respect for our community. I support a Civilian Police Accountability Council and federal mandates to do that.

We need comprehensive TIF reform. If we can’t fix it, then end it and return those millions of dollars back to the city’s general fund.

Corruption is running rampant in Chicago. Alderman are being indicted and going to jail. The 8th Ward incumbent was complicit in the LaQuan McDonald murder cover up when she looked the other way after receiving $160,000 in campaign donations from Mayor Emanuel.

State election records also show more than $134,000 in campaign donations spent by her without explanation. And, she is the Chairperson of the city councils Ethics Committee.

It is time for change.

As a private citizen I have fought for the 8th ward and now I’m asking you to send me to the city council where I will fight even harder to bring much needed resources to our ward.

We need to change the status quo because YOU DESERVE BETTER!

I’m Linda Hudson and I look forward to earning your vote on February 26. Thank you.

Candidate Q&A

What is your vision for this office?

Transparency and honesty will be the cornerstone of the 8th Ward Aldermanic office. I will seek community input and be fully accessible. I will provide information that is accurate and truthful. There will be regularly scheduled community meetings. All substantive or major infrastructure projects in the Ward will be discussed openly and information will be provided in a timely fashion. I will work with residents to ensure they understand the facts behind the development, construction and implementation of all projects. There will be no favoritism based on political support or personal relationships. Working with the people of the 8th Ward will be my only priority because I work for the people of the Ward.

What is the most pressing issue facing constituents, and how can you help address it?

Business stability and economic development. We need more neighborhood businesses that meet the shopping needs of Ward constituents. I will engage every business, organization, and vendor in the Ward and include community input to develop a strategic plan to revitalize economic development in the 8th Ward. We will establish a dialog and mechanism to keep lines of communication open to those institutions to ensure their activities benefit the community. We will establish a business code of conduct for every business to adhere to in the 8th ward. I will explore funding, both public and private, to help expand and improve established and new businesses in the 8th Ward. I will also establish an Economic Development Committee of 8th Ward residents, business owners and professionals to ensure everyone has a voice in making the Ward better for all of us.