Candidate for Chicago City Council

About the Candidate

Name: Jennifer Maddox
DOB: Sept. 10, 1971
Family: Two sons
Occupation: Police officer
Political Experience: None

Candidate Statement

My name is Jennifer Maddox and I am a candidate for the Aldermanic seat in the 20th ward. My relationship with the ward started over 20 years ago when I chose to serve the city of Chicago by joining the Chicago Police department.

My heart and my passion are embedded to service to the citizens of the ward including many community organizations, block clubs, and neighborhood councils.

In 2011, I started a not for profit organization named Future Ties in the response to the lack of support our young people had in the community. Through the efforts of Future Ties, we’ve worked to address the many social issues that challenge them and their families. We have been very successful in our work with families and we are proud to say that violence in this Woodlawn neighborhood has deceased over time by 50%.

One of our challenges of the 20th ward is the need for synergy. Issues of poverty and unemployment demand that we establish new ways to collaborate that create long term solutions.

As the alderman of the 20th ward; I would be most committed to revitalizing the ward through collaboration.

My vision for the 20th ward is to solidify and expand resource support for our neighbors. Through my service as a police officer and my service to young people, I’ve been able to build relationships. What I’ve learned from my community, going house by house, neighbor by neighbor, we are a strong support system for each other. We are the village. Making a difference happens only when we get involved. It’s time!

I ask for your vote on February 26th, because of my 22 years of commitment and service to this community.

With us working together, we will see nothing but exciting things happen for the 20th ward.

Candidate Q&A

What is your vision for this office?

My profession has taught me to remain consistent in the face of great challenge. The heart of any community is only as strong as its financial, legislative, and community agenda.

I intend to continue this measure of consistency as Alderman of the 20th ward. As Alderman, my vision for this office is to revitalize the ward with programs and opportunities that enrich constituents. Under my leadership, this office will operate efficiently to support the interests of ward constituents. While I’m most recognized for working with youth, it is relationships nurtured with the adults in their lives that make such success possible. As Alderman, this office will deeply reflect a commitment to service. I will spare no expense to operate in a manner the constituents of the 20th ward can appreciate with honor and respect.

What is the most pressing issue facing constituents, and how can you help address it?

I believe the most pressing issues facing our constituents are economic development, public safety, and public infrastructure.

Economic development is at the helm of revitalizing the 20th ward. As jobs are created and schools enhanced, constituents will be given greater opportunities that support their livelihood. It is most important to address issues that damage or carry the potential to damage ward constituents and their futures. As a visionary, I can’t help but consider the impact of low economic development and how it ensures the steady decline of future generations. If we are to reclaim our communities, we are to confront our most pressing issues with the knowledge, compassion, tenacity and perseverance required to leave a generous contribution in the lives of the constituents within the 20th ward.